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Backup Exec 2012 SP3 - Bad Tape error

Created: 28 Apr 2014 | 6 comments


Since the SP3 installation, I'm getting several "Bad Tape" errors on the robot administration web page. I've already changed tapes (to pratically new ones) and still can´t get rid of these errors.... The drive is cleaned on a weekly basis, so the problem shouldn't be with that. 

Did this happened with someone else? Can you help me?


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Make sure the drivers are up to date. You tape drive should be running using symantec latest device drivers.

the medium changer should show up as "Unknown" which means it is running using the Microsoft drivers. 

Also check the event log on the media server if there is any error .

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Is this "bad tape" error showing up in the BE GUI or in the library GUI?

If it is in BE, what is the exact error and what hardware are you using?

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The "Bad Tape" error is showing in the DELL PowerVault TL2000 GUI (as shown on pic1). Initially it only showed in one equipment, but more recently it started showing in two different equipments (altough the same model) which causes, in BE, the "Job Failed" error (as shown on pic2).

pic1.JPG pic2.JPG
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Run the HW  vendor provided tool to test device integrity.. Best thing would be to cotnact the HW check if the tape drive are good!!

This could be due to bad Tape drive Header!!


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The drive headers (I forgot to say that this error appears in 2 different equipments) were serviced not so long ago

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They could still be bad. This is definitely not a BE problem. You should contact Dell