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Backup Exec 2012 SP3 Jobs Multiple Server

Created: 16 Apr 2014 • Updated: 17 Apr 2014 | 4 comments
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we changed from other Backup Software to Backup Exec 2012 (SP3).

Now I have to make a Offsite Tape Backup for the Bank - each Month for all imported Files and servers. 

I found the "solution", to make a server group and create a Job for them - so i am able to specified the job for each server (to exlude folders etc.).

But I have a question to the job:

If I want to export the tapes after the jobs completes automatically and I choose "export media after job completes" in the backup option for the "group job" will he export the media after all defined jobs are completed (it should be 2-3 tapes for bank backup, with all imported data) or will he export the tapes after each server-job is completed ?

If the question is already asked, sorry for the threat, but i didn't find the solution here.


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Hello K.Wegerhoff,

It will export after each server job is completed.  Please see Colin Weaver's posts  be2012 how to automatically export medias at end of backup of several servers 

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I think you are using a non-English version of BE.  In the English version of BE, there isn't an option like "export media after job completes".  There is an option to "eject after job completes".  I think this is the option that you are referring to.  This option is for stand-alone tape drive and has no effect when you are using a tape library.

To export a tape from a tape library, you need to add an Export stage to your backup job.  After your backup completes, this export stage will export all the tapes used in the job to the I/O or mailslot of the library.  Suppose you have 1 mailslot and is exporting 3 tapes, then the first tape would be placed in the mailslot and BE will alert you to remove it from the mailslot.  If you remove it and respond to the alert, BE will place the second tape in the mailslot and alert you again to remove it, and the process continues.  If you do not respond to the media remove alert, then the export job will fail.  You said that your jobs uses a couple of tapes each so the export will fail unless you have someone to remove the tapes.  In your case, it might be better not to export the tapes, but remove them manually after all the jobs are done.

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no, the language is english ;-) :


And no, we have a HP MSL 8096 - with 3 Mailslots, so it wouldn't be the problem to remove the tapes. 

Ok, so i have to check at first the sizes of the backups, and then i have to create manually "export stages" that means, after the job where the tape is almost full, i have to export the tape. Not the smartest solution, but i have no other chance to make it almost automatically .. ;-)

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Unfortunately there is no better way if your jobs append to the tapes then the export stage of the last job will only export the tapes used in that job. For example, your jobs use 3 tape, but the last job only writes to the last tape then the export stage of the last job will only export the last tape and not the first two tapes