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Backup exec 2012 Speed issue

Created: 16 Oct 2012 • Updated: 22 Oct 2012 | 5 comments
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having some small issues with Backup exec and speed.


Windows Server 2012 x64

xeon 3.2 8gb ram

backup exec 2012

10TB external scsi array with iops metered at around 100mb/s

file copies within windows and via network at about 70mb sec

dell tl2000 connected with SAS 

disk - > tape copy at around 1GB/ minute

disk -> same disk array --> tape 3GB/ minute

problem is we have 10TB array and 9Tb of data so option 2 is not a viable solution. 

By my calculations on the iops possible we should be able to get 3GB/min to the tape direct from disk....

any suggestions on what i could try? 


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You can try tuning your tape library/drive.  See my artilcle below

When you say tape copy, be aware that you are not suppose to copy any backup sets.  See this document

Reasons why copying backup to disk data files is NOT recommended.

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nice article. 

I did that buffer / block to 256 and now copy speeds up around the 2.4GB /min mark so a vast improvment.

might try playing with a few more settings see if i can get it a bit higher.



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disk - > tape copy at around 1GB/ minute

disk -> same disk array --> tape 3GB/ minute

In the second scenario, are you simply copying the files to the same disk array?  If you are somehow combining many small/original files into a larger copy, you will see a performance increase since larger files stream better with less directory access overhead.

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the 2nd scenario is using BE2012 disk to disk to tape method.  this was just a test to see if this method would gain much in speed and it did.  but without 20TB of diskspace availiable not a viable solution.

the above tweeks seem to have sped the system up but i think there is still a little more speed i can get from this equipment.

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well after running a few longer jobs the speeds seem to hold at around 3GB/Min which is what the external storage can trasnfer at. 

Thankyou PKH for the guide. Changing the buffer / block to 256 / 256 worked great.