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Backup Exec 2012 with tape library

Created: 24 Mar 2014 | 4 comments
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I need help for clarification

I have backup exec 2012 with tape library,

But Iam not sure, this tape library is using there own driver software or symantec driver software.

Can you please guide me, how to find, whether the tape drive is using symantec driver software or not ?


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Basically, by default it should be using symantec driver software. If you want to double chek you can try to reconfigure the tape library and ther would be a part whick driver will you ise for the tape device.

Hope this helps..


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Do a search for tapeinst.exe and run it. This will run the driver install wizard for BE and install the Symantec drivers.

Otherwise open up the tape drive in Device Manager and go to the Drivers tab. It should show Symantec as the driver being used.


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You should be using Symantec drivers for your tape drives because they are certified with them. You should not be using any other drivers.

For tape libraries, they should appear in the Windows Device Manager as Unknown Medium Changer with a Microsoft driver. You should not be using OEM drivers

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Hi All,

Thanks for the information, let me check..