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Backup Exec 2012 Training

Created: 30 Nov 2013 | 3 comments


I've been using Backup Exec for 5 years or so now mainly in the Small Business Environment. The versions have ranged from 11d right up to 2012.

Being a partner I have run through the online training material which was ok. Apart from doing the Class Room based training or the Virtual Academy stuff (which I can't afford, as they are 1000's of dollars) are there any other good souces of training material?

I feel like I have enough knowledge to pass the Symantec Backup Exec 2012 Technical Assessment (Exam ID: ST0-141) exam, just from On the Job training and by watching the free videos. In the past when studying for Cisco exam's i've found the CBTNuggets to be extreamly helpful. Unfortunately they don't seem to do Symantec ones.

Anyway if someone knows good training material or labs to run through that would be great :)

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Symantec don't have materials like CBT Nuggets.

Honestly your best bet is to fire up a VM on your workstation, load up BE, and if you have enough horse power on the workstation, or a VM environment at work, create a small test environment and play with the software.

I wrote the BE 2010 STS exam and it was easy enough just with on-the-job training. Best thing about it is that it dealt specifically with funny questions thrown in like an MS/EMC exam.


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Hi Craig,

Thanks for your input. Wow i didn't you wrote the 2010 exam. Ok i'll take your advise. I've got access to a Virtual environment to play around with. I use it everyday at work so am quite familiar with it all technical wise.

The places where i might come unstuck is more on can this agent do this and that agent do that, data deduplication and CASO as i've never used them before. Perhaps a good lab environment test :)

Thanks again.

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No problems might also want to go through the list of Symantec BE 2012 best practices here:

There is a good selection of videos on the Videos section you can check out as well.


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