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Backup Exec 2012: Verify in a backup-to-disk-to-tape chain?

Created: 06 Feb 2013 | 2 comments

Hello all,

it's me again. smiley

I haven't found conclusive information on this topic, I although I found some suggestions here and there to disable verify.

Please consider this: a server is backed up to a dedup-device (OST) and that is copied to tape directly afterwards. The data on the tape is verified.

I'd say that inserting a verification stage for the data on the deduplication device is superfluous as long as it is verified after another duplication, because, I suppose, verification checks the same checksums as if reading from the device and vice versa, so the duplication to tape is already equivalent to a verification.

Am I right or wrong?

I think this is quite important, because the default template's setting - to verify immediately after a backup and then duplicate - costs a lot of time and ressources.

Thanks in advance, Manuel

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I've always been led to believe that your data should be verified after the first backup. How will you know whether or not your data is fine or corrupt?

Rather verify the job post-dedupe backup and then you have peace-of-mind when the data is duplicated to tape!


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Well, here's my train of thought: if reading the data from Dedup or verifying it after duplication to tape (which I must do anyways) checks the same checksums as verifying it on the dedup, I'm totally at peace, believe me. wink Of course, this is something only Symantec can know with certainty.

I just don't want to do the same check three times needlessly if it already happens once or twice, as this will probably kill performance (especially multiple threads rehydrating), which in turn will reduce the amount of data that I can back up in a given time slot and that's bad, too.

I'm in IT myself and I monitor the system myself (so, I don't speak of a deployment at a customer's site). If I find a verification error, I'd investigate and do a verify along the chain. I haven't encountered a verification error in years, though...

Thanks, again!