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Backup Exec 2012 for VMWare - several problem

Created: 25 Jul 2013 | 11 comments

Hi everybody,

I already searched in the internet and contacted Symantec Licensing Support but did not get consistent information so I am hoping I find my answers here.

# First of all - To backup a VM via vCenter, do I need a Windows Agent License. When a Windows Agent is not installed I get a warning message after running the backup indicating that GRT is not possible withount an installed windows agent.

# What credentials do I need to enter for the windows server I am going to backup, the VMWare Administrator or the server administartor? I tried both but get the error that authentication is not possible.

Looking forward to find help.

Best regards

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If you are working with Backup Exec 2012, then you would need one license for 'Backup Exec Agent for VMware and Hyper-V'. With that license you should be able to install the Remote Agent for Windows Servers(RAWS) on all of your guest virtual machines(whereever you need the Granular Recovery Technology  option) on that particular host. 
Note: This would not be giving you the GRT option for application and databases. For Application and Databases, you'd still have to purchase the relevant license. 

As far as the credentials are concerned, you need to refer to the following link and ensure that the account specified in Backup Exec has the following rights:

Thanks and Regards,
Siddhant Saini

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Thank you for your quick replay, which licens do I need to purchase for database and exchange GRT.

I already checked the permissons found in this post, I get the error when I click on test credentials (see attachment) and in the job log I get the following message: "V-79-57344-38730 - Backup Exec konnte sich am virtuellen Comuter XXXX nicht authentifizieren und war nicht in der Lage diue erforderlichen Metadater zur Wiederherstellung individueller Anwendungsobjekte abzurufen"

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Check the TN below:

As for your licensing, you need 1 x agent for VMware ESX host...1 license doesn't cover every host you have. This wasn't communicated across properly by the first respondent.


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yo would need agent for applications and database license if backup exec 2012

and agent for microsoft exchange agent if backup exec 2010

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As prevously advised, you need one AVVI licence for each physical VM host.  With this licence, you can install the remote agent onto any number of VM's hosted on the physical host.  You would need to install the remote agent in the VM's if you want to do GRT.  You would also need an Agent for Application and Databases licence for each application in each VM.  See this

2012 Portfolio Licensing Guide

You would also need to load RAWS onto the vCenter machine.  If this is a separate physical machine, you would need a RAWS licence for it.

Regarding permissions, take a look at this document

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Thank you, licensing is clear now, however, as you can see in the screenshot above, I already specified deifferent credentials, also the agents are running on the VM and it does not work.

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You're using TESTNW\banetadmin on 1 of the servers...change this to the default account used across the successful servers and run the test again.

As for these 2 servers in question, what OS/application are they?


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That was the first thing I tried but it didn't work.

One Server is a SBS 2011 (Server 2008R2, VMWare Tools and RAWS installed)

One Server is a Ubuntu Server (VMWare Tools installed)

CraigV's picture your media server fully patched, and have these patches been push-installed to your VMs?

Have you tried to recreate the job?


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Yes, I also removed Backup Exec completely and reinstalled it!