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Backup Exec 2012 Weekly Job Scheduling

Created: 06 Feb 2013 | 5 comments

Hi All,

I'm trying to re-create a backup job in BE2012 the same way we have it now in BE2010R3 but I'm having trouble in getting this particular job to run at the desired time.

In BE2010 we run jobs based on daily (Mon-Thursday) Weekly (Friday) and Monthly (Last Friday on the month).  This is the backup policy which most of our jobs conform to. For a couple of jobs we need to specify that the job does not start until 2am in the morning. In BE2010 we did this by using the same policy as per the other jobs but assigning an Availability Window on the selection list for the specific jobs which needed to only start after 2am.

The benefit of this was that on those monthly jobs which backup on the last Friday of the month we could effectively have these jobs run after 2am on the Saturday without having to worry about creating a new job for Saturdays as at least once a year this would not work when the last Friday of the month was the last date of the month meaning that a 'last Saturday of the month' would actually run the week before.

I'm sure that there must be a way of configuring this in BE2012 but I'm struggling to find it at present.  Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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Colin Weaver's picture

The availability window from 2010 was removed in 2012 as it actually caused more problems that it solved, it is unlikely to come back and you will need separate jobs to handle this sort of thing in 2012

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Thanks for the reply Colin.

The problem with the seperate jobs solution is that it will not be possible to create a job which runs the saturday after the last friday of each month for the reasons given above.

Is there a way to link jobs within BE2012 maybe so that I could have another job, which finishes post 2am, kick off this job to run after 2am the following morning? Not sure if I'd really like that as a solution however but it would get around this limitation in 2012.

I guess failing that it would be a manual job selecting specific dates each month and updating the job every few months by hand.

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You might be able to do something with a post command in the last friday of month job that kicks off a pre-existing job definition for your other job using BEMCLI.

I don't have any details of what might need to be in the commands although it is possible that other community members have done similar things

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Ok Thanks. I'll take a look into that to see if I can get it to do what I need.