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Backup Exec 2012. What is a cheap, backup destination? USB fails.

Created: 05 Nov 2012 • Updated: 12 Nov 2012 | 1 comment
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Normally when I install a backup solution, I spec BUE software tied to a DLT tape drive.  My customers have data that if lost, will destroy the business, so I specify commercial, heavy duty backup solutions.  BUE works great with DLT tape drives.

I took over an account that was using the Windows backup software, coupled to external, USB drives.  Since the Windows software was garbage, I bought a copy of Backup Exec 2012, and set it up to backup to the three external drives that the customer cycled through the server.

After a slew of problems, I discovered that BUE 2012 will not work with USB external drives.  Therefore I have two questions.

1.  The customer will not spring for a $2500 DLT drive.  They want something cheap like the external drives that they are using.  Is there a device that can hold 500 gig or so, can be removed from the facility, works with BUE, can easily be disconnected from the server, and doesn't cost much?

2.  I thought about using BUE to back up the files to an internal drive in the server, and then write a copy script that copies the internal hard drive to the USB drive that happens to be connected that particular day.  The problem is that this institutes a second piece of software into the backup mix, and it's not easy to see in the Backup Exec GUI that the copied files on the USB drive are exactly the same as the ones created by BUE.

Can people post some ideas on what they might do?  The previous consultant installed a whole pile of home networking-grade garbage in the office.  I'm trying to upgrade stuff little by little, but I can't sell a DLT drive at this point in the game.  The device also has to be portable enough  so that the office staffers can take the device off site.


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Hi Emmett,

If you wanted cheap external storage I'd have suggested something like an Iomega NAS (ix-series), but this isn't going to work if you want their data portable (unless you buy a couple of desktop versions!).

Why not consider a removable device like HP's RDX system? The RDX500 stores 500GB of data which might suit what you want to do:$0.00&familyviewgroup=1774&viewtype=Matrix#

Obviously confirm that the drive you would want is supported on the BE 2012 HCL!


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