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Backup Exec 2012 What do I need to backup on the server its self and how to test restore

Created: 24 Jan 2013 | 4 comments


We run 1 server that backups all of our server.  We use backup exec 2012 on this server with all the latest patches.  It is running on a Windows 2008 server.

We utilize B2D, Deduplicated storage and a Dell tape library.

I need to know what specific data/directories do I needs to backed up on the backup exec server in order to recover the environment in a situation when we lose the backup server its self?

What would be the recovery procedure?

Is there an easy way of testing this recovery procedure?

I thank you for all your help


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Below link explains in details how to perform SDR enabled backup in BE2012 for the server you want to protect and how to restore it too. With SDR enabled backup you can do restore to same H/W or different H/W

Also check the best practices for SDR backup

Hope that helps



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Whether you use SDR or not, in order to recover BE, you would need to backup the Data and Catalog directories under the BE installation directory.  With these two directories, if need be, you can load a fresh OS and BE, and then replace the Data and Catalogs directories and you would have your BE back.

In addition, you need to backup your dedup folder.  You would need to backup the shadow copy component of the disk on which the dedup folder resides.  See

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Thanks for your reply. 

The data on the dedup disk is only kept for 2 weeks and almost all of it is written to tape anyways.  I don't think backing up the dedup disk would be that important to us.  I was going to skip that specially since at that point we would be backing up a backup.  Is there another reason why we would need the dedup disk?

Also any recomendation on a way to test a restore?


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If you do not restore your dedup folder, you would be having an incomplete BE.  You would not be able to run your jobs which targets the dedup folder.  I am not sure whether there would be other problems.  You can test it out.

You can test out the restore using a VM.