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BE2012 completed with exceptions // This job will no runt until the full backup is completed

Created: 17 Jan 2013 • Updated: 17 Jan 2013 | 8 comments

Hi all,

Got a question over here, why each time I do a modification on a job this one is going to complete as:

(Server: "") (Job: "") The job completed successfully. However, the following conditions were encountered: The backup options or selections for this job have changed since the last time it ran. You should run the full backup instance of this backup definition as soon as possible to ensure complete protection.

Is there a way to get rid of this message for each time I do some minimal modification on the job, such as, change the scheduled time??

I have reports to do on a daily basis and when the managers see something like "Completed... BUT... WITH EXCEPTIONS" They don't like that and they don't understand why is that (i do, but they don't), the want to see all GREEN!! Not RED neither ORANGE. 

Also, Is there a way to re-schedule an incremental job without the need of running a full backup??

I'm very used to the way I worked before with BE, I'm working with BE since version 9 in differents enviroments, but this BE2012 is really awful.

Any help or suggestion is appreciated.

Kind regards.

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CrabbyShane's picture

Hi KJ,

That message will go away the first time you run a full backup after any modification.  It's built in by design and I've never been able to get rid of it myself short of suppressing the alerts.  What about printing this article:

and then sitting down to explain the why the error happens to your management with the article as a visual support.  Of coruse I'm assuming your management is actually willing to listen to you :/

As far as the incremental job goes, 12 is supposed to automatically update the policy.  Have you tried opening the policy up manually and editing it to make sure the new schedule is reflecting changes you have made?


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Hi Crabby, 

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I know that the message will go away the first time I run a full backup, thing is some of my full backups takes almost 2 days to complete. I'm backing up virtual machines. 

You know, moments ago I just did a modification on one of my jobs, the only modification I did was to change the credentials to log on a VM... then, I clicked OK, and then I see.."This job will no runt until the full backup is completed". 


Take a look to the attached file! 

So what?! today is thursday January 17th...

The incremental backup is scheduled to run today at the afternoon... but since I did a modification on the job (credentials) - I will have to wait until next saturday January 19th because a full backup is required in order to run the incremental job, even when the last full backup done January 13th 2012 was completed succesfully. 

I'am wrong??

Kind regards, 


A second of your life, ruined for life.

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Julien , 

            The incremental job should still run as scheduled you would just be presented with the aforementioned exception each time it runs until saturday when the full backup job kicks off. 

I hope this posting was helpful


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Sadly, I only found this


A second of your life, ruined for life.

Donald Eady's picture

Unfortunately KJ, 

            This is by design its function is to serve as a warning to ensure that the user hasn't mistakenly altered the backup job. Backup Exec will continue to present this error each time the incremental/differential backups run as the job reference the full that they are linked to. This will however clear once the full runs provided no further adjustments are made after the full backup job runs. As suggested by Crabby Shane above providing the referenced article to your management may help in there understanding of the "Exception" but i would not suggest suppressing the alerts. 

I hope this posting was helpful


King_Julien's picture

Hi Donald, 

You said, "The incremental job should still run as scheduled"

Well, my incremental backup for DB didn't run yesterday even when, before I leave the office I checked the schedule.

If I click on "edit" on the policy I see the message "This job will no runt until the full backup is completed". 

See the attached file. 

Is this an expected behavior? Please, let me know. 

Thank you!!

BE2012 db.PNG

A second of your life, ruined for life.

Donald Eady's picture


          Sorry about the delayed response. But Yes, that is expected behavior. The message "This job will not run until the full backup is completed" will be present under the incremental stage any time you display the edit screen, whether you edit the job , adjust the schedule or even after you have run the full that it is refering to. Im not exactly sure why your incremental job didnt kick off as scheduled. Please verify that there are no alerts, perhaps calls for media or no idle devices ready. In viewing the screen shot i dont see anything populated under storage this is odd becuase this is populated even when youre creating new  a job and i believe this is a shot of a job that youre editing, correct. is this job going to disk or tape?

I hope this posting was helpful


King_Julien's picture

Hi Donald, 

Sorry for the delay. 

There were no alerts displayed, and yes, that was weird. Anyway, I'm just recreating the jobs from scratch and trying to fix this whole enviroment. 

Again, thank you for your time!

PS> There-s nothing populated under storage because I deleted that part, beside of my role as a backup administrator I'm also a certified expert about mspaint. XD. 

A second of your life, ruined for life.