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Backup Exec 2012 - will not overwrite storage media

Created: 15 May 2012 | 4 comments


I installed Backup Exec 2012 over a week ago, having upgraded from

Backup Exec version 10d. I have a networked pc which has 5 drives

labelled Monday - Friday.

On the old version of Backup Exec the backup was set to full backup with overwrite

media. So I would be able to restore data up to a week old.

I have set up the new version the same, but it will not overwrite the media,

as it seems that the retention policy is stopping the overwrite. I hace changed

the retention policies to 1 hour, but it will still not overwrite.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?


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Hi Mayhawk,

Can you post a screenshot of your settings?


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By drives do you mean disk drives or tape drives - as if disk dreevs we don't use media sets, we use DLM and there are rules to block deletion (reclaims) of DLM sets

Last backup of a given resource will not delete

Any backup of a given resource that has dependent sets (i.e. a full with one or more incrementals) cannot be deleted until all the dependent sets can be deleted

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I have attached the last backup, which shows the settings.

Yes it is hard drives, on the old version of backup exec you could do a full backup and replace.

I wonder with the new version is it coded to firstly do a full backup and then incremental after that so that

only the changes are backed uo and perhaps then it will overwrite the changes?

Be interested to know what you think?


Job Log BEX_SERVER2008_00053_xml.txt 40.49 KB
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If it is a Disk Storage, then at least 2 backup copies will be kept.