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Backup Exec 2014 media server in a HyperV VM

Created: 22 Aug 2014 • Updated: 22 Aug 2014 | 4 comments
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We are starting a project to replace an old Bue2010 R3 mediaserver with a new one. The new server will have a 10 gbe network connection.

The media server has a local Sql express database. We backup to datadomain wich has also a 10gbe network connection. We have Exchange, SQL, Enterprise Vault, Vmware ESXi, Sharepoint, Active directory and a lot of Virtual servers and some physical servers in our environment.

We consider three scenario's at the moment

Scenario One:

We will install a Backup Exec 2014 mediaserver with a local sql express database in a HyperV VM. Is it supported to install a Bue2014 mediaserver in a HyperV vm with windows server 2012R2 as OS?

We are thinking about buying two physical servers. We will install a Windows Server 2012R2 hyperV cluster on these servers. The mediaserver will we install in a VM. The plan is that the vm can fail over to the other HyperV server in case of a Physical server failure. We backup to disk (datadomain).

Scenario Two:

We will install a physical server with Windows Server 2012 R2 and BUE 2014 as mediaserver on this server with a local sql express database.

We backup the physical server daily with Symantec System Recovery. We will restore the server with the system recovery image in case of a failure on another server with the same hardware. Is this backup and restore method supported with a bue 2014 mediaserver?

Scenario three:

We will install two physical servers with windows server 2012r2 and BUE 2014 in a failover cluster.

Our production SQL server has sql 2005 sp3 at the moment. Is it right that we have to upgrade to at least sql2005 sp4 for clustered database support?

Is it possible to migrate the local sql express database to a sql server cluster and use it as a shared Bue database?

I would like to know if these scenario's are supported. Thank you for your feedback

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Scenario 2 would be the best

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A VM running Backup Exec, no mater the version, is not supported. This is due to the way it addresses the hardware and the lack of support for this.

Best practice is to keep your media server a physical server, and BE 204 will install on Windows Server 2012 R2.

Scenario 1

Not supported. Don't install it as a VM otherwise you face limited, or no, support from Symantec.

Scenario 2

This is supported, but why not just Backup Exec to create backups of the media server itself? In case of a failure, get a replacement/same server up and running, and then restore the data, or do you want a baremetal restore, in which case maybe BE 2014 SDR is more appropriate as it is part of the package?

Scenario 3

Yes this should work. Just refer to the Admin Guide on how to set up the cluster. I would assume you'd create the first node, move the BEDB from your old media server to this, and THEN set up the cluster...not move the BEDB after th cluster has been created.


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Hello Graig,

Thank you for your reply. I have one more question about scenario three. We have a local sql express database now. Is it possible to use a local sql express database in a clustered situation? How can in case of a failover the other Bue node access the database?

In my opinion we need a database on a sql server, so both servers can access the database when needed. But i'm not sure if we can migrate the local sql express database to sql server in the new situation.

Best Regards, Martin

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Best to check the Admin Guide as it would include this. I think it does support SQL Express, but confirm in the section detailing this in the Admin Guide.


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