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Backup Exec 2014: VM Job keeps running ( never ending )

Created: 07 Jul 2014 • Updated: 07 Jul 2014 | 6 comments


Anyone else is experencing this bug?

Randomely, my Backup Exec job hangs... The status is "running" , the job rate doesnt drop..I see 4320MB/min but the job is running since the last 3 days.

NormallyIt should take 2-3 hours to run.

It happens when I run VMware Incremental Backup,  cancelling the job doesnt work, the GUI doesnt respond to my command..and I waited hours.

Stopping servies doesnt work either.  I have to kill the process and restart the service.

I didnt have this issue with Backup Exec 2012.  Sounds like an error condition that BE doesnt handle properly.

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This issue (having to kill services) has been around for ages and it means BE is waiting for something to stop before it in turn stops the services.

Have you made sure that BE 2014 is fully patched? Was this an upgrade or a clean install?


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Yes , I'm fully patched ( 2 patches are available for public right now ).

Initially I did an upgrade of 2012 and I had to reinstall from zero, because I had tons of applications errors happening on a daily basis.

So now, it's a clean install.

Sounds like a case to Symantenc Support and weeks of troubleshooting until a new patch is release.

CraigV's picture might need to open a support case!


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Update:   I have the same issue on another installation in Europe. This time, the job is a physical to tape.

it's an incremental backup.

the job is stuck, nothing is happening, no activity. this job takes about 20 minutes to run . Now it has run for more than 8 hours.

Now  I'm thinking to uninstall 2014 and reinstall 2012. Only issue I had with 2012 is the VM incremental backup not working properly for some locations... and Symantec have spend days to find the problem without success.

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I think I have found the source of the problem.

The vCenter is shared across 3 sites. 

All 3 sites sites are running BE2014.

Site A is running the vCenter.

When Site A is starting a Backup of the vCenter Server,  Site B, Site C hangs.  ( its new with BE2014 )

I think when BE2014 lose the connectivity with vCenter for 2-3 seconds, the reconnection is not made and BE cannot recover and run undefinitely ( Services Hangs ) .

To test, I had removed this morning the vCenter from the Backup Schedule to validate the jobs can run properly.

We didnt have this problem with BE2012.

More to come..

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Update: last week end 2 sites have experience issues with jobs hanging.

I opened a call with Symantec and they asked to add a registry key.

I had restarted my backup jobs and will see if it fix my issue or not.

they key is MaxRPCDataBlockSize under BackupExec\Server

I put a decimal value of 1048576 (DWORD ).

This key didnt exist by default.