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Created: 02 Apr 2013 | 4 comments

I have set up a weekly backup - method - I am using is Working Set - last accessed in (x) days - set to 5. 

I am finding file mainly .mov files with modified dates of 9/6/2011 contantly backing up. What is going wrong, any ideas.

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Last modified date and Last accessed dates are 2 different things. Check the properties of the .mov file and confirm what is the last accessed date.


Working set backup uses the Last Accessed date for backups, which might be different than the Last modified.

JDee57's picture

ahh. Interesting.

Created date 22 April 2034.

Modified 09 June 2011

Accessed 09 June 2011

thumbs.db 15/02/2013

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There certainly seems an issue here. Look at the Creation date !! I am sure the Created date 22 April 2034. is what is causing the file to be backed up.

Here is what a working set backup will backup.

"'Working Set' is an option which backs up files that have been created or changed within 'X' number of days. In addition to backing up files accessed within these set number of dates, backups performed using the 'Working Set' backup option will also, by design, backup any file which has its Archive Bit set.

Any file within the backup selection list that has its Archive attribute set will be backed up regardless of its 'Date Accessed' attribute."

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...otherwise exclude the files if not needed?


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