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Backup Exec 9 Restore

Created: 25 Sep 2012 | 9 comments

I am in the process of restoring Server 2003 the RAID array failed.

I have brought the server backup and installed Backup exec 9.0.  But the tape that the backup is on keeps failing to catalog.  It says the data is inconsistent looks like it is failing on SW compression

From what i have seen I need to update the drivers in Veritas 9.  Which are no longer available.

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Was the data being backed up by Backup Exec 9.0 as well. Unfortunately, as 9.0 is not supported anymore, most of the download links for the patches would not work either. In case you are not able to find the drivers, you could still try to restore the data using any higher version of until Backup Exec 12.5, you could be able to find the Service packs and Hotfixes (including drivers)

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Could you post the exact error message from the job log.

You will not find installables or drivers for BE9 as its a very old version and not supported too.

May be VJware can help you with the drivers for BE9, send him a private message.

Else as suggested by Jaydeep trying restoring with supported version of BE

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Ok sorry got more information now.

They were on Backup Exec 2010.  I am downloading 12.13 from the portal currently

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What version you are downloading?

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Version 12.0

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So do you mean that the data was being backed up by BE 2010? cause if that is the case you will need to be on the same or higher version to restore.

If the data was being backed up by 9.0 then, you should be able to catalog and restore it by using anything upto BE 12.5

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Yes it was being backed up by BE 2010.

12.0 is not able to restore 2010?

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They said it iwas 2010.  Can I use the 2012 trial to restore?

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Yes that would be good, or you could install BE 2010 R3 with all the patches.

Backup Exec is backward compatible, so if the data is being backed up by a perticular version, you need to be atleast using this version or an upgrade to be able to catalog and perform the restore.