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Backup Exec 9.1 Restore

Created: 04 Jan 2005 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment

I am experiencing a whole lot of issues with Backup Exec 9.1. I performed a restore of a server a week ago and backup exec made me look like a fool. We followed the protocol recommended by Veritas for performing manual restore. We did the following -
1. The System partition was wiped clean.
2. Reinstall OS and joined the server to a workgroup
3. Create the restore job (OS drive and System State) and attached to the system using local Administrator account on the restored server
The restore completed successfully without any errors or skip files.
4. Rebooted the server after the System State Restore

After the reboot, we could not login to the server because we kept on getting error saying the computer name could not be found. We then removed the computer and added it back to the domain, but still same thing. We then did the following
1. Delete the server from AD
2. Add it to a workgroup
3. Reboot
4. Add it to the domain
5. Reboot
We were then able to login to the domain. However the problems did not end there. After doing all that, we notice that the disk signature was lost and had to be recreated. We only restored the OS and system state (which should contain the disk signature).

I need help because I am not too sure what is going on

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Rohit Sonawale's picture

refer the steps mentioned in the technote mentioned below.

If the server is Win 2003 and system fails to start because of ntoskrnl.exe cannot be found then refer the related document :