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Backup Exec and Enterprise Vault on the same server

Created: 13 Oct 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 5 comments
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We are looking to implement Symantec's Enterprise Vault 8. We will be purchasing a new physical server to act as our archiving server. We have a Dell MD1000 NAS device which we will attach to this server through a SCSI interface to act as our Vault Store (9 TB of space). We had hoped to also move our Backup Exec for Windows to this server (including Backup Exec CPS and DLO for laptops/desktops) and have the backups write to disk each night.

We were recently told Symantec does not recommend this and we need clarification. Should we install Backup Exec (with CPS and DLO) on the same server as our Evault server? If not, would it be best to just setup the evault server in a VM?

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Hi there

I believe having production data/services on a Backup machine is never a really good idea.
What if the machine dies?
You would have to rebuild your backup first and after you did this, you could rebuild the EV server.
(Or, if you're really out of luck, you could lose EV together with your Backups due to unforseen circumstances...)

So, I would advice to keep a backup server separated from all other servers, as this is your "insurance" once something goes terrible wrong.


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I would have concerns too that if your backing up during the night (an assumption) and your archiving during the night ( another assumption) this is alot of i/o (network/disk)during this period.   Have the disk configuration been specced correctly. i.e. different spindles and configured for read (indexing) or write(Vault Store) performance.

I agree with MichelZ's post, I have seen several cases (not specifically BE) where there is a tape/hardware issue and the backup server needs rebooting, with the server also running EV this may not be possible.

Also where are you planning to host SQL on the EV/BE server or a different server ? as this would be additional i/o overhead if it is on the same server as EV and BE.

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Thanks for the post. Good call and good point. So, let me ask this then:

You have 1 physical machine and 1 virtual machine available - which would you use for Evault and which for BackupExec?

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Personally I do not know the complexities of connecting either a tape device or SCSI storage via a virtual server.

I would choose EV to be virtual, as I would of thought virtual tape drives would be harder, but again stabbing a little in the dark !

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Thanks all for your input. We will virtualize EV and keep it seperate! Thanks again.