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Backup Exec and HP VTL Echo Copy Pool Operations

Created: 26 Jun 2013 | 4 comments
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Reading "HP 9000 Virtual Library System User Guide" found the next description:

Echo Copy Pool Operations
Echo copy acts as a transparent disk cache to the physical library, so that the backup application
writes to virtual cartridges in the virtual library. Automigration then automatically schedules the
copies from virtual cartridges to their matching physical cartridges (with the same barcodes) based
on the automigration policies.
For creating echo copies, automigration supports the following backup software on the physical
• CA ARCserve Backup
• Commvault Galaxy
• HP DataProtector
• HP DataProtector Express
• Legato Networker
• Tivoli Storage Manager
• Veritas Net Backup
• Veritas Backup Exec
There is no additional information not in specified guide and not in any technotes on Symantec site. So how does it work? What is mean "automigration supports", what kind of support will it be?
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The same guide mentions ~

"Echo copy is managed through the automigration software, not the backup application"

I guess this is the reason there aren't any articles on the Symantec support site.


I am looking @ this link ~

This contains info on the config as well.

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Automigration then automatically schedules the
copies from virtual cartridges to their matching physical cartridges (with the same barcodes
How can BE work with two cartridges having the same barcode?
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This sounds similar to a VTL with the built in ability to copy from a virtual cartridge to a physical cartridge. This is “not supported” as BE can/will get confused when there are two copies of the same cartridge (with the same Media GUID). The other risk is that BE may not be able to restore from this physical cartridge (that BE did not write)
Here is a point from the BE HCL, VTL section:
6. It is highly recommended that Backup Exec move virtual volumes to physical media so that the data can be restored directly from physical media rather than needing to utilize the virtual device as an intermediary restoration point. If the virtual tape library moves virtual volumes to physical media Backup Exec is not aware of the physical media and may not be able to recover that data directly from that physical media.

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You would think Symantec would work a little harder to support their partners.  And not always give a blanket statement of "not supported."  It should read, we didn't bother to test it.

The Echo copy pools all you to backup to disk, apply a retention period much like on a media set (append or overwrite) then the HP device autmatically copies that to physical tape, keeping the same retention, and bar code ID.

All the while when that process is complete, based on policies within the HP device, it will auto-delete the disk copy to free up space.  

This way you write to 1 target.  It's cloned to a physical tape, and all backupexec has to manage is the one barcode ID.  You don't worry about two sets of media.  Do a restore, and it'll only look for that barcode ID that is either on the device or on the tape.  Which the HP device will present as needed regardless of where it physically resides.

There is an online portal, save yourself the long hold times. Create ticket online, then call in with ticket # in hand :-) "We backup data to restore, we don't backup data just to back it up."