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Backup Exec And Netapp Disk Pool

Created: 19 Nov 2013 • Updated: 20 Nov 2013 | 5 comments
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Hi Team,

Does Symantec Supports, Disk pool from Netapp via CIFS / iSCSI  ? Also do we have any performance comparision betwn iscsci and CIFS based diskpools ?



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pkh's picture

I think you need to give more information like

1) are you backing up to these devices or are you backing to these devices

2) the disk pools that you are talking about.  Are they a feature of NetApp devices or are they BE device pools?

Colin Weaver's picture

As pkh stated we need more info

to give an idea BE can see a netapp as the following

1) A host for end user data hedl in CIFS shares that needs to be backed up

2) A host for an iSCSI LUN containing data owned by another server that needs to be backed up

3) A host for a LUN presented as a VMware datastore that needs to be backed up.

4) A storage device that can have a tape library directly attached to it for backup purposes (possible to have this setup and be questioning all points 1-3 as well)

5) A storage device where another NetApp in the environment has a tape library directly attached to it for backup purposes

6) a CIFS share to use as a backup target device (B2D)

7) an iSCSI LUN to use as a backup target device (B2D or possibly Dedup)

Kamal_SA's picture


Thank you for your responses, I would like to use NetApp as B2D, Can we use

1) a CIFS share to use as a backup target device (B2D)

2) an iSCSI LUN to use as a backup target device (B2D)



Colin Weaver's picture

I would recommend the iSCSI setup as the security setup is simpler

- iSCSI security is done in the initiator software and then BE just sees it as a local drive.

- CIFS security incolves making sure the BE service accounts have exactly the correct permissions to access the share on the NetApp and can be a pain

However if going down the iSCSI route then configure the BE services to delayed start so that the iSCSI services start before the BE ones try to on a reboot.

Note we should not care what the RAID/pool setup of the volumes inside the filer is as long as whatever BE accesses is always available

Kamal_SA's picture

Hi Colin

Thank you for your response,

1. Do we have any document explaining the steps for both the options(I culdnt find in Admin guide), as I am from IBM Tivoli background. ?

2. Do we require any additional license for this ?

3. Also do we have any performance comparision avail from Symantec or based on your experience ?