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Backup Exec and SBS 2011

Created: 25 Jul 2013 • Updated: 08 Aug 2013 | 7 comments
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Previously i've installed MS SBS 2011 as a guest virtual server onto a MS Hyper-v box. I've installed Backup exec  (12.5 and above ) for MS SBS onto the host (since usually the guest cannot see the tape drive) and Backup exec has allowed this as part of the product licensing for Symantec Backup exec for Small Business Server.

I've just started an install for a similar setup but i wanted to put the backup software onto a dedeicated backup server (server 2008 r2) and only backup MS SBS 2011 )installed as a guest OS under Server 2012. However on completion of the install Backup exec 2012 seems to have gone into a 60 day trial mode. Is this scenario no longer supported does anybody know ?.

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Further info, i've asked this question before , for a previous version and that scenario was allowed so woupd be disappointed to find that it was no longer allowed. See here:

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I think this applies to BE 12.5 SBS - The SBS license when used on a Hyper-V host can ONLY be added to the system when an SBS guest is running inside the Hyper-V host meaning that whilst we do allow you to install our SBS edition on the host that is not an SBS server, the SBS server itself has to be a guest on the same host. This licensing model has changed in newer versions (2012 not sure about 2010 without checking) of Backup Exec to allow you backup 3 systems (2 + the media server) irrespective of whether the SBS operating system is present.

EDIT I just noticed you have moved to 2012 - when you add the licensing into BE 2012, you have to make sure everything you are using is checked/enabled on the screen after the licensing screen, you also have to make sure you entered actual product licenses and not maintenance serial numbers (that are used for reminders)

BTW 12.5 does not support Windows 2012 so you are kind of stuck in 2 waysand need to be ready to upgrade to 2010 R3 SP3 (on release) or 2012 SP2 (on release) to get the ability to do remote agent support of Windows 2012 (media server support is to follow)

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Thanks for the promt reply.

Ok just to recap so there are no mistakes, i have a Server 2012 Hyper-v host running a guest OS of SBS 2011. Since Backup exec 2012 does not yet support Server 2012, i've purchased a dedicated backup server running Server 2008 r2 (on the same domain). I've also purchased Symantec BAckup Exec 2012 for Small Business Server with two Remote agents. Are we saying that

a) this is not supported licensing wise

b) it would be in future versions ?

Do i have any alternatives at this time ?


Just seen the edit you had done which seems to imply that what i'm doing is ok but i may have some kind of issue with the licensing setup - does this sound correct ?

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1) BE 2012 is supported on 2008 R2

2) The BE 2012 SBE license can be used in this scenario as long as you are only looking at traditional agent backups of the SBS VM (RAWS installed inside the SBS 2011 operating system and backups configured as if it is a physical system. although SP2 will support installing the remote agent on the Hyper-V host that holds you SBS server I am not sure if you can then do Hyper-V agent backup with a BE SBE license.  Also you may need an Appropriate SBS  Agent license as well - Support don't usually deal with license queries our Customer care teams handle that and don't usually operate on these forums.

It does sound like either your have only installed the Maintenance serial codes and not the product licenses or you have installed the correct licenses but because you did not check the correct options in the next screen in the install wizard, you have not enabled them against that server. BTW the reason why this second selection screen  exists relates to being able to push install a whole media server and therefore needing the ability to choose whether to push all of the license or just some of them.

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many thanks for the info

Point 2) - yes i'm only looking at traditional backup scenario

I'll go over the license setup again to confirm what i have. i assume that if i still have issues the best people would be customer services ?, or would it be tech suport ?

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If you don't have the correct license (or are not sure) it would be customer services / customer care

If you have  the correct licenses but they won't install or will install but are not enabling the feature they should do then it would be support