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Backup Exec Append and Overwrite settings to keep 4 weeks of data on tape.

Created: 06 Dec 2013 • Updated: 10 Dec 2013 | 1 comment
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Running Backup Exec 2010 R2, we have 1 tape for each day of the week and run the backup daily.  The backup isn't very big so we can fit at the very minimum 4 backups on each tape.  Originally we had the media set to Infinite - Allow Append.  Of course eventually the tapes were full and the backup would have to fnish on the next days tape.  How could we set the overwrite protection and append period to allow for 4 backups to be kept on each tape before overwriting the tape fully?


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There is no way to specify the OPP or AP in such a way that after writing 4 backup sets onto the tape, the next job will overwrite the tape.  This has to be done manually, meaning after the 4th backup job has written to the tape, the next job must specify overwrite in order to overwrite the tape.

To allow the tape to be overwritten the following week, the OPP must be set to 6 days.  Do be careful about this setting.  One week after the tape is written to, whether it is overwritten or appended to, it can be overwritten.  If you are not careful, this can happen.  2 jobs has written to the tape, the 3rd job specifies overwrite, rather than append.  This 3rd job will then overwrite the tape, wiping out the first 2 backup sets.  There is no way to protect the tape for 4 weeks and allowing it to be overwritten on the 5th week because when you append to a tape, the retention period is extended with each append.

For a better understanding OPP and AP, study this document carefully

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