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Backup Exec asking for old tape to import

Created: 03 Apr 2013 | 3 comments

Hello all,

Here is my situation. I have recently reinstalled and setup Backup Exec 2012. I set it up with the tapes that we had, I did an erase and set them up with jobs and a decent cycle. It's been 2 weeks, and it was time to change the tapes. We changed the tapes with cylced out old ones (3 cycles prior), and then I put them in, and I am ready to erase them to overwrite the tapes. I put in the tape that it asks for, and then I import it, and it does what it needs to do. I later replace that tape again with my old ready to erase tape and BE goes and does a few backup jobs. THEN it comes back and asks me to do the same thing again with ANOTHER tape.


In the process, I am not allowed to even get to that. The entire time I get the "Please insert media '%%%' into the robotic library by creating an Import media job.

If the media does not have a bar code, click Options on the Import Job Properties, and select 'Auto-inventory after import is completed'.

KBA: #V-275-443

How do I get it to stop coming up?

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BE will ask you to insert an overwritable tape if it is unable to find one in the library.  You don't have to erase your tapes to re-use them.  Just put them in the library and associate them with the scratch media set.

For the future, check your OPP and make sure that there are sufficient overwritable tapes BEFORE the start of your jobs.

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All of my tapes were overwriteable. The issue was that when separated and associated to different media sets, they were reverted back to non-appendable. I have 24 tapes divided into 3 different media sets and each have it's own jobs associated with it.  I had to erase all of the tapes and then get the jobs to start over.

I appreciate the help though. I've changed the tapes again since then, and the overwirtable scratch media didn't give me any issues. I don't know what it was with the previous tapes, but it's working just fine now.

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When tapes are associated with media sets, the AP setting in the media sets apply.  If the AP is set to, say 1 hour, then the tapes would probably be not appendable.  If you set up your OPP and AP correctly, there is no need to erase the tapes.  For a better understanding of OPP and AP, see this document

OPP and AP explanation