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Backup Exec automatically backing up newly attached devices

Created: 12 May 2014 | 5 comments

Hi all,

We recently attached a USB drive to one of our servers and for some reason, Backup Exec, which was set to backup partial C: and D:, backed up the newly attached E: without being asked and it has caused us some issues.

Please can you confirm if there is a setting within BUE 2012 which makes the software automatically include any newly added devices in backups?

Also, I have since removed the device and now the job backed up last night with exceptions as it said it previously backed up E;, but it it no longer present - Will this just be a one time successfully with exceptions or all the time moving forwards? If so, how would I fix this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you,

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VJware's picture

The first time would be exception mentioning the specified resource was present in previous instance of job and currently isn't. Going forward, this exception would not be present.

Verbatim from Admin Guide:-

Backup Exec’s Discover Data to BackUp option detects new backup content within a Windows or Active Directory domain. This option lets you configure a job that searches for new server volumes, databases, or application data.

Click on the BE icon (at extreme top left corner), choose Configuration & Settings and on the left pane, choose Discover Data to backup option. You can disable this option.

pkh's picture

The only way to prevent BE from backing up newly attached drives is to deselect the server and then select the drives that you want to back up. However, when you deselect the server, SDR will be off. If you need SDR, then you would have to select the server and put up with BE backing up any newly attached drives

Colin Weaver's picture

Just to explain something - whilst VJware has mentioned something important it is unlikely that it will help with your scenario as the Discover Data option has no effect on selections that already exist that are for a whole server.

pkh's answer is probably the correct info for your scenario in that if a whole server is selected then any new local drives that are attached will be backed up. I am not sure if this also affects removable disks (RDX and flash drives) however it will affect USB HDD as these usually show up in the OS as local fixed disks.

If you select the whole server whilst the USB drive is connected and then deselect just the USB volume then SDR should stay on, however this will fail if the USB disk ever gets a different drive letter.