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Is Backup Exec backing up drives more than once?

Created: 10 Jul 2014 • Updated: 11 Jul 2014 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

The server I am backing up has two drives, C: and E: (plus three folders on E: mapped as drives F:, H: and S:). Looking through the Job History, it is backing up:

\\server.domain.local\C:    3 hours

\\server.domain.local\      3 hours

\\server.domain.local\E:    2 hours

... (databases)

So what is it doing when it is backing up \\server.domain.local\ ? If it is backing up everything at that location, then it is doing C: and E: twice. And it is spending a long time doing it, so presumably there is a lot there (though I appreciate the hours do not add up).

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What do you mean by mapped?  If you are using symbolic links/junction points, then these would be backed up twice if you have specified follow symbolic links and junction points in your backup job.

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Mapped as in mapping a shared drive over a network. On the server that means the drives are mapped to folders on hardrive on itself. They are not included in the drive selections (I do not even think they were available in the list), so I doubt they are the issue, I just mentioned them for completeness.

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Better way to check would be to open the job log and have a look at the Job Log & the Job History tabs.

You can also consider increasing the level of information contained in the job log, rerun this backup and check. Do turn off the job log information level once this is done.

This way, you could confirm exactly what is being backed up.

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It was from the Job History/Log that I discovered this, but logging more info is a good idea. I will do that and see what it says.

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If you have Enabled User Shares and have selected the shares for backup, then they will be backed up twice, once from the actual folder and once from the share

To disable User Shares, click on the BE button, BE settings and under Network and Security, uncheck Enable User Shares.

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Looked at the log from last night, which logged directories as they were backed up, and it then lumps

\\server.domain.local\C:    3 hours

\\server.domain.local\      3 hours

... together as a single back up of the C: drive. The answer to my question then is that it is not back up drives more than once.