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Backup exec cannot extract mailbox messages from the Exchange backup

Created: 14 Dec 2012 | 8 comments


Does anyone know why my backup jobs randomly fails with this error code, it happens once every 2 weeks or so

My backup exec is fully patched and running Backup Exec 2012

Backup- \Microsoft Information Store\Mailbox Database 2012070313V-79-57344-759 - Unable to complete the operation for the following reason: VFF Open Failure.  This can be caused by low memory or disk resources.

Final error: 0xe00002f7 - Cannot extract mailbox messages from the Exchange backup. Review the job log for more information.

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Any maintenance tasks running at the time of the backup failure perhaps?


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No maintenance tasks are running at the time

Why should I reinstall the remote agent? The backup exec console is running on the exchange server so no remote agents are needed

I have been advised to turn off Advanced Open File when backing up an Exchange database, if that is the case I will need to create a second job just for exchange with OAF turned off, and another for the System Sate/Files with OAF tured on

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Please provide following information.

What is the virsion of Exchange you are using?

Operating System running on Exchange server?

Where backups are targeted? Are they going to Disk or Tape?

For System State Backup you do not need to select AOFO

By default System State backups will use VSS to create snapshot backup.


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I am using exchange 2010

Server is running SBS 2011

Backups are going to disk drive

System State is fine, it backs up just fine when AOFO is enabled but I believe AOFO needs to be switched off for exchange to backup and not randomly throw this error, but AOFO needs to be enabled for open files (data) so I believe I need to create a seperate job for exchange with aofo disabled

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...this is happening during a backup, not a restore...wink

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