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Backup Exec culprit for Entire Network to get chokeup

Created: 09 Sep 2012 | 2 comments
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Hi All

Title may sound surprising, but it is, if we run backup (even if single job) during production hours, my end users can't get access to our prod network anymore. Ping starts to drop by high latency and even we can't get RDP of server to access. It's quite strange behaviour we are facing. If backups are ran post business hours it works fine. Any idea what could be wong

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Backup software is often some of the best network testing tooling out there.  It can tell you your DNS is not configured correctly, your SAN throughput is low, your Gb ports are a bottleneck, the tape drive you're using is not using an optimum block size, etc...

That said, it's not backupexec, it's the network or something with it.  You may have a network loop, poor routing, a hub, a saturated switch, a cheap switch, etc...  All being exacerbated by running a backup.

Symantec software is installed in about 45% of the worlds systems.  BackupExec makes up about 25% of that.  And of that, BackupExec is installed in near 90% of all SMB businesses.  Surely, someone else would have this same issue as you if it were BackupExec's fault.

I'd start with checking the ports on your switches for any obvious cabling errors, then the config itself.  I'd also initiate a backup of a client that is on the same switch and VLAN.  if it's on the same switch, network traffic should be a non-issue and be contained within those 2 ports, basically everyday L2/L3 switching.  It shouldn't saturate anything as you say...

There is an online portal, save yourself the long hold times. Create ticket online, then call in with ticket # in hand :-) "We backup data to restore, we don't backup data just to back it up."

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teiva i'm not against of Symantec BE or NBU family. i use them and also recommend them to customers. . I knw it's strength. But above case put us thinking how come this happens only when backup is initiated.

Just wanted to know what other factors could it depend on. as during choke up nothing is accessible remotely . ping drops etc. . It's sure taht backup exec makes it transparent over loopholes in era  same is here. Just wondering any other things especially networking (not much familir of it)