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Backup Exec - Differential Backups and Overwriting

Created: 07 May 2012 • Updated: 07 May 2012 | 1 comment

Hi there,

Right - a simple query I believe. I have a setup for a customer whereby a full backup is conducted on a Friday - then Monday through to Thur, differentials are carried out. Now, there is a single media set for these two jobs (I understand that is obviously not the best way, if even a good way, of doing this, but, the customer uninstalled Backup Exec without screenshotting his original setup, but wants it back exactly how he had it, I'm just confirming that a certain event won't occur) which both the Full and Differential will backup to.

Now in terms of the overwriting - the full is set to overwrite the media, since it runs once a week, I always want it to overwrite the previous weeks Full. But the  Differentials are too going to the same media set. Now, obviously as they are differentials, I want them to always overwrite the previous days differential, so I have set them to Overwrite media when the job begins. 

But, does this mean the Monday Differential will go ahead and start to overwrite the full backup from Friday, or will it not because the Full and Differential are two seperate jobs?



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Media sets are used for setting the OPP and AP.  A single media set can be used when you store data to different media.

You did not mention where you are storing your data.

If you are storing your data in the same B2D folder or tape, then your Monday differential will overwrite the Friday full if your OPP is 2 days or less.

If your full job is stored in a B2D folder which is different from that used for your differential backup, then your Monday differential will not overwrite the Friday's full backup.