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Backup exec disk retention

Created: 21 Mar 2013 • Updated: 25 Mar 2013 | 2 comments
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I am testing backup exec 2012 trial at the moment

I have client with the following setup 1 HP server running SBS and 1 qnap NAS

In the past with previous backup exec, I can do weekly rotation on external disk by creating directory monday, tuesday, etc... till sunday and create 7 job with backup target to different directory for each day.

On backup exec 2012 looks different.

I have create a disk storage called Disk Storage 0001 which is usb external 3TB disk.

when I create a job for SBS server, it take the whole disk and it say the retention is set for 2 weeks?, is that mean the same job will do incremental backup until 2 weeks is up then overwrite the wholedisk with full backup and do incremental backup again for another 2 weeks and so on?

I try to click edit but it seems I have to specify number of weeks for disk retention.

Is it possible to setup like windows SBS backup, take the whole disk, do initial full backup and do incremental backup after that until the disk is full or replace?

What would be the best practice to backup SBS server?

Thank you.


- Haris -

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For BE 2012, you can only create one disk storage per volume and this disk storage is managed by DLM.  For more on DLM, read this blog

In addtion to the rules used by DLM, you can specify how long you want to retain your data.  This is where the number of weeks setting comes in.  To understand when the backup sets are deleted, read my article below

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Hi Pkh,

Thank you for the article, it clear up my questions.


- Haris -