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Backup Exec, Exchange 2007 and offsite backup

Created: 10 Nov 2012 • Updated: 07 Mar 2013 | 1 comment
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Hi. I have a couple clients running BE 2010 and Exchange 2007.

Their primary backup device is a Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 6. There is one in the office and another located offsite. We use Netgear's Replicate software, which I believe is built on top of rsync, to create their own offsite backup.

What I'm trying to do is figure out how to use BE (or any other software at this point) to backup just the Exchange database and have it replicated offsite.

There are a couple issues I face:

1) I've read that the .BKF files that Backup Exec creates do not like to be moved or copied; is this correct?

2) If we have a 50GB exchange database, obviously not all of that data changes from day to day or week to week. I need an incremental or differential backup, but need it configured so that the Replicate software will only backup what's changed; if I have 50 separate 1GB .bkf files that comprise the Exchange database backup, I can't have it try to copy all of those offsite, the job will fail for a variety of reasons.

Any ideas for the best way to accomplish this?

Thank you

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You can duplicate to the remote location using a duplicate job. Set this to run after the backup has run, and BE will keep track of the catalogs etc.

As long as you can get to the remote location, and assuming the link is strong enough, the duplicate job should work.

Check the Admin Guide for BE 2010 on how to set this up or follow the TN below:

Also, the default size of the B2D files is 4GB...don't set it smaller as a recommendation. You can make it bigger, but when you do this the chances of failure and losing more data in a B2D file increases.


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