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Backup exec failed (SBE 2010 R3 can't backup lotus domino files)

Created: 12 Sep 2012 • Updated: 14 Sep 2012 | 14 comments
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I faced a problem with SBE 2010 R3.

The problem is SEB 2010 R3 can't backup mail files lotus domino.

mail files are not used can backup but mail files was in used can't be backup.

I think symantec agent can't work

This is an error message from SBE 2010 R3.

Our environment are :

1. Lotus Domino Server (Virtual):
- O/S : Windows Server 2008
- Lotus Domino Server versi 7.0
- Disk : RAID 1.0
- Agent lotus domino + AOFO
- VMware Infrastructure

2. Backup Server (Physical) :
- O/S : Windows Server 2003
- SBE 2010 R3
- IBM TS2900

Please share any information how to solved this problems.

Thank you, ^_^

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CraigV's picture


Turn on AOFO and try again...also, if you're trying to backup the flat files you're not going to be able to as BE's Active File Exclusion would exclude them.

Best bet in this case would be to use the Lotus Notes agent, if you're not already doing so.


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I presume that you are have the Domino agent and is selecting the .nsf from under the Lotus Domino Databases section and not ffrom under the C: drive.  If these assumptions are correct, there are a couple of things to check when .nsf files are skipped.

1) You should not be running any housekeeping jobs, like fixing or compacting databases when you are doing the backup.

2) The .nsf files could be corrupted.

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Is this an error regularly seen?

Adding to pkh, the NSF mentioned are not mail files. Those are vital Domino files which are sometimes locked by Domino and hence are not accessible to other applications. 

A mail file can be backed up by Domino agent even if user is accessing it.

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neo_edp10's picture

Hi CraigV,

First thanks for your post.

Actually I already Turn on AOFO option on Backup Job.

But for using lotus notes agent could you describe more..??

I already try those solution. I this that you mean backup using lotus notes agent..????


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The LN agent will allow you to backup the application directly without the need to take the application down to backup the flat files (after reconfiguring BE's AFE). It makes a lot more sense and makes life easier in the long run.

You can initiate a 60-day trial (check the licensing wiard under Tools to enable it), and you can check it out there.

Also check the 2 TNs below:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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When you browse the Domino server using your backup jobs selection list, do you see a Lotus Domino Databases section.  If not, then you are not using the Domino agent.  As a futher check, click on Help --> About ... and click on the Licencing Info button.  If you are licenced for Domino, then you would see the Domino agent.

If you are properly licenced for the Domino agent, you should select the .nsf files from under the Lotus Domino Databases section.  By selecting the .nsf files from under the Lotus Domino Databases section, you would then be using the Domino agent.

Changing the registry entries does not constitute using the Domino agent.

neo_edp10's picture

Dear All,

Thanks for your support.

Yes, I see...lotus domino database,  I used Domino Agent.

Some database *.nsf file can be backup, some skipped.

actually total size I want to backup is around 550 GB (*.nsf files).

When Lotus domino server with O/S Win2K3 (vmware) + Disk storage (RAID 5) the backup procees *.nsf files is working properly.

After I migrate to new server with O/S Win2K8 (vmware) + Disk storage (RAID 1.0) to increase performance our domino server, the backup process is not working.


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I think your problem is not with BE.  It is with Domino itself.  Only Domino 8.5 is supported on Server 2008. Even Domino 8.0.1 is not supported on Server 2008, so Domino 7 is definitely not supported on Server 2008.  See these documents

neo_edp10's picture

Dear pkh 

Actually for daily operational lotus domino until now is working well.

We don't faced any problem in server and client. 

The lotus domino server version 7 still running on Win2K8.


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For information isf a 3rd party vendor does not support a given environment, then Backup Exec will not officially support it and won;t have been tested for it. Note: there is one main exception to the above, where a software manufacturer used to support it but has stopped support due to replacing the product with an updated version, we would normally continue support with the version of BE available at the time (with reasonable efforts exceptions covering SP or other changes to the operating system that might have an unexpected effect.)

As far as I remember, at least one older version of 32 bit Domino would allow an install on a 64bit operating system but Backup Exec did not support the backups.

neo_edp10's picture

Dear Colin

Now I'm running Domino version 7 32 bit on operating system W2K8 32 bit. is Backup Exec didn't support too..???


Colin Weaver's picture

If IBM do not support that version of Domino on Windows 2008 then we won't have tested it and do not officially support it. 

If IBM do support it then as long as that version of Domino is on our SCL for the version of Backup Exec you are using then we will support it.

neo_edp10's picture

Dear All,

Thanks for your respon & supporting.

So the solution is I must upgrade domino v.7 to version 8.5.

if there's any problem i will inform you.

Thank you,