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Backup Exec: how to backup RAC on Linux through SAN

Created: 04 Apr 2013 | 6 comments


I'm helping a user to change LAN backup to SAN backup. He has Windows Backup Exec 12.5, RAC on Redhat, with a tape library in SAN, connected to BE server and the two Linux Oracle. He used Remote Agent for Linux and Agent for Oracle, so the backup go through LAN when backing up RAC. Now I added Remote Media Agent for Linux and SSO to the Linux servers. All configured and the backup work well, except I can't assign the RAC backup go through SAN. Here are my test results:

1. When backup Linux local files, the backup use local tape device.

2. When backup RAC database on linux, the backup go through LAN and use BE windows server to write to tape.

Maybe It's because the tape library is shared. I can't assign job to the Linux Media Agent, there are only devices under BE server when setup job's device and media.

Why local linux file go through SAN. My guess is, when backup local file, the source server name is same as remote media agent, so it use local tape drive.

But when backup RAC, the source name listed in "Oracle Real Application Clusters" use different name as my remote media agent. My remote media agent hostname is "rac1", but here the name of RAC source is "RAC-RAC-2384294311". Is this matter?

How can I assign the job to specific media agent server as destination in SSO environment?



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Hi Richard,

You'd be looking at SAN SSO which would allow you to share a SAN-attached tape library with SAN-attached servers. A SAN SSO license on the media server, and BE would be installed on every server you want to backup over the SAN.

HOWEVER...BE can't be installed on anything but a Windows-based server (check the BE 12.5 SCL for confirmation). As such, there's no way to backup Oracle across the SAN unless it was maybe virtualised and you used SAN Transport Mode to backup the entire VM.


EDIT: BE 2012 allows a media server to be run on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6, but nothing before this, and this isn't an upgrade you should take lightly (if your version of Linux is even supported).

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Thanks CraigV! 

I've already have SSO license. I thought BE "Remote Media Agent for Linux Servers" can be used for LAN-free backup on Linux. Am I correct?

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...the RAWS/RALUS agent uses the network to communicate with the media server, as well as send backup data to it.

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I'm confused. What "Remote Media Agent for Linux Server"(RMALS) does? What will happen if RMALS and RALUS are on same Linux server?

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Sorry CraigV, I mean RMAL on Linux, not RALUS or media server on Linux. Oracle is on Linux, RMAL is on same Linux, so the Oracle backup data can go directly through RMAL, not Win media server, right? If this is right, then my understanding is right and I'll ask some configuration quesitons......Thanks.

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My expectation is using RMAL to do Oracle RAC LAN-Free backup on Linux.