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Backup EXEC : How to restore from B2D (unknown version, non existent server) to fresh install of BE2012

Created: 02 Mar 2013 • Updated: 03 Mar 2013 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi Guys (and Girls, if there are any)

So here is the situation:

A new of mine client has had their server stolen, with this the only backup their previous IT people made, is a USB drive with a bunch of B2D files on it, which was (yes you guessed it) copied to the USB through non BE Job Duplication methods.

In short, I have  162 BKF files, no changer.cfg and no folder.cfg.

I have managed to install BE2012 on a box (SBS 2008) and after some time spent reading, I can successfully import a Legacy B2D folder and the BKF files Inventory and Catalogue to the point that under "Storage" I can see the three different backup sets and browse the contents of the backup sets, etc.

However, under "Servers" there is no entry made for the original server name and the only option available to me under "Backup & Restore" is to select a Server, and try to restore that, which I can't, because it does not exist.

I'm assuming I might have done it wrong, or missed a step, can someone please help me with either a proper Step-By-Step covering this scenario,or some general advice ?

As I said, under "Storage" I can see the the B2D folder, I can browse the backup sets, all I need to do is to restore that data to either my local disk or a USB disk so that I can then use that data with the new server they will (obviously) have to get.

Can someone please help ?


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Not sure if you saw this article by pkh, but check it out... might help you restore your data.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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There is a possibility that the .bkf files are not created by BE.

Instead of BE 2012, you might want to try using BE 2010 R3 which allows you to restore directly from a backup set.  You can download it from

After installing BE 2010,

1) create a B2D folder.

2) copy the .bkf files into this folder

3) inventory and catalog the folder

You should then be able to restore directly from the backup sets.

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the responses, so what I ended up doing was repeating the Import B2D Legacy Folder procedure again, however this time, immediately after the Import and Inventory, (at which point the defunct server name was still not listed under "Servers") I first restarted all BE Services, saw the defunct server name had now become listed under "Servers" proceeded to Intentory & Catalogue, which completed successfuly and I am now happily restoring the data.

Funny that it would require a restart of the BE Services first.

Thank you so much for your promp and expert assistance!

ps : I have also taken note of the suggestion regarding using the older version of BE, downloaded that and will keep it on standby for any future such cases.

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I am surprised that the server name appeared after you just inventory the folder and restarted the services.  I would have expected that the server name is not known until after the catalog process.

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Could it possibly have been created in the BE database during the previous Inventory and Catalogue processes I completed.

As I said, the only thing I did differently this time around was to restart all the BE services, then the defunct server name showed up unde "Servers" and I was therefore able to restore from it.