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Backup Exec / HP LTO5 External

Created: 10 May 2013 | 1 comment

I am moving the backup software from an old server to a newer server. Reason being is performance issues with an old controller card for connection of the HP LTO5 not giving us the speeds that it should be remotely getting. We couldn't use the recommended controller card due to the age of the server not having PCI-e.

The server I am moving Backup to is a host for Hyper-V and has a Fiber connection to SAN so can see the SAN storage.

My questions are:

Will Backup Exec know that there is a SAN connection through the Fiber?

I know if your backing data from another server it will use IP because of the way it works looking at DNS query but if the data is local to the media server and can see the SAN storage will it backup it up through the fiber?



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Yes it would...there is no other way for the media server to communicate with the library other than through fibre. If you're backing up those VMs through a RAWS agent though, the backup will flow across the LAN.

You should check the Admin Guide to see if there is a SAN Transport mode for Hyper-V as with VMware. From what I can see there doesn't appear to be anything like this, meaning you might have to opt for the more expensive Enterprise Server Option license with SAN SSO.


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