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Backup Exec Import of Data Domain backups

Created: 05 Apr 2013 | 6 comments


I inherited a BE12 environment thats backing up to a Data Domain and duplicating to another DD, via OST.

I have the same setup for NetBackup, and with NBU, I can import the backup images on DD to another master. Can I do the same from a BE server?

I'd like to be able to restore certain backups at the DR DD without having to recover the prod BE server at the DR site.


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It's duplicating or replicating?

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Duplicating. I can recover from the duplicated images via the BE server at the prod site, but I'm trying to formulate a DR plan to recover the duplicated images via the BE server at the DR site.

As a workaround, I was going to setup a CIFS share on the DD, and backup to it, then replicate (not duplicate) to other DD. But in the BE admin guide there are no references to importing disk backup images. So I'm not sur eif that would work either.

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I might confuse, but if in the secondary DR site the data was already replicated from one DD to another, then in that BE installation you will have to inventory and catalog all the data, setting first the DD as backuptodisk folder. . 

An option I guess, would be CASO (Centra Admin Option), then your CAS would be your primary site and your MMS would be in the secondary site. 

Still, I might be wrong. 

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Just an additional information about inventory and catalog, for me, in our DD620 it took 10 hours to run the inventory and a catalog operation it's taking 15 hours. We have 6.2 of deduplicated data (42 Tb without dedup).

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In that environment, were you backing up via OST/DDBoost ?

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You can replicate CIFS/NFS shares just fine.  Then inventory and import media as needed.  This was the process for years, near a decade prior to BackupExec 2010 and NBU 6.5 where OST was introduced.  Replication appliances like VTL's, NAS, and SAN predate this forum...

Others will say it's a bad idea and even reference their blog about it.  But again for near a decade, this was how it was done.  Not without caveats mind you, and being careful of what you import or overwrite in terms of media.  

Going forward the preferred method is to use application managed replication.  ergo, the backup software does a duplicate job or SLP to initiate replication of the data within your supported OST device.

For BackupExec 2010 and 2012, you would need to have licensed the CASO option and dedupe option for each media server.  As well as BOOST on the DataDomain.  

For NetBackup you would need to license Enterprise Disk and the BOOST option from DataDomain.

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