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Backup Exec Job Activity

Created: 06 May 2013 | 6 comments

Can someone explain to me about Job Activity?

I am running a Backup and it’s been running for 24 minutes +

Directories: 0


Skipped Files :0

Corrupt files:0

Files in use:0

Percent complete:100%

Job rate 60.00 MB/min

Bytes 1,370,918,572 bytes

Start time 5/6/2013 9:52:01

Elapsed time: 00:24:51 and counting Job rate keeps dropping 5 min later 50.00 MB/min

Estimated total bytes: 1,244 bytes

Why does job Percent complete jump to 100% rite away?

how can it 100% if no files backed up?

Why everything 0 Directories files etc.?

Operating Systems:

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What is the Current status of the Job showing as??



Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!

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sorry i thought this was the Status of the job?

what other status are you asking for?

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What are you backing up ?

How much should this Job be backing up ?

Has it ever completed successfully before ?

It could be that the remote agent (on remote server)has crashed or job is not responding and hence after a particular byte the backup activity shows like this 

If it does not change and job rate continues to drop I would cancel the job and rerun.

If multiple servers are being backed up in one job you can split to see which server backup is behaving this way. Enable detailed Job Log from Tools -> Options -> Job Log. Also check the event viewer on server and client to see if you saw any errors pertaining to this current job which is running.

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Status refers to the current status of the job.. What you detailed were the job statistics in the same location that you saw the statistics if you glance above in the fourth row from the top you will se status it will show one of the following 

Running, Queued, Cancel Pending, Loading Media, Pre-processing, Snapshot processing, Device Paused, Stalled, Media Request, Communication Stalled, No Communication , Consistency check or Updating catalogs. See doc below for more detail on each status.

I hope this posting was helpful


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I am backing up exchange

It should back it all up not sure what you mean How much should this Job be backing up ?

Yes it has completed before but now much longer

Working with support we extended many time outs because backup were failing

Something is wrong to make the jobs take so long and tech support IS ONLY CONCERED ABOUT CLOSEING THE CASE BECAUSE ONCE IN 20 BACKUP FAILURES IT COMPLETED ONCE

Sorry venting after spending all day on the phone with support wrecking systems and causing me week of work to recover

Meanwhile job statistics 100% bitrate drops to 18 Meg per min then after a couple hours it’s done and successful?

Use to take 20 minutes

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Why does job Percent complete jump to 100% rite away?

how can it 100% if no files backed up?

Why everything 0 Directories files etc.?