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Backup Exec Job running at half the speed

Created: 07 Nov 2012 | 8 comments

Hi, our backup tape job normally runs at 500 mb / min, but it has started running at 250 mb / min

We installed a NAS Drive and created a job to backup to that.

Since then it has run at half the speed, what could be causing it to run so slow?


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To check network performance copy around 1GB of data from NAS to the BE Media server.

Make sure up have installed all the updates for Backup Exec and updated tape device drivers.

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Thanks, we have the latest updates.

It has been a sudden change in speed, which is why I think a setting is off.

Is there any settings which cause slow performance?

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Was it backing up at 500MB/min to the NAS originally? Or has the backup speed dropped since putting the NAS in?

If so, make sure the NAS NIC ports are configured to the fastest speed possible on the NAS and the switch ports, and that the same is true of the server NICs.


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Thanks for your comment.

We have a backup tape that has run each day at 500 mb, we installed a NAS drive and setup a job for it (using the same media set)

The nightly tape backup now runs at 225 mb. And if we were to run the NAS Drive backup (not at the same time) that runs at the 225 mb also.

I think it may be a setting somewhere but cant think what it could be

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Is that an on-device backup? ie. the NAS is backing itself up to itself?

Have you made sure there are no failed/failing drives on the device?


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We have a backup tape which backs up 300 GB of data every night.  

As a secondary backup, we have decided we want to once a month backup the same 300 GB of data to a NAS Drive.

So we used the same set, but one job backs it up to the tape, and another job backs it upto the NAS drive.

Our first and only run of the NAS Drive job ran at 225 mb, but came up with a message at the end saying failed.

The following night we backed up to tape at 500 mb a min. 

But then with some help we made some changes to stop the NAS drive failing, since then the tape job has started running at 225 mb / min.

It must be a setting we have changed that all of a sudden has made it go half the speed, but i'm not sure what it could have been

thanks very much

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The thing to do here then is to go back and undo those changes until you find the 1 that slowed your backups. If you can, then redo the changes but skip this...long shot, but you never know!

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