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Backup Exec Licensing Help!

Created: 09 Nov 2013 • Updated: 06 Dec 2013 | 2 comments
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We recently renewed all our license keys for all our symantec products. We do this through CDW.

I am new to doing this on the back up exec stuff and have some questions. First off, I did call symantec but had a very hard time understanding the person who was trying to help me.

We have two windows servers with the back up exec 2010 R3 console installed. One is the central server and the other is an offsite duplication server. Also, we have 5 windows servers that we back up.

 Below is what we purchased from CWD:

Quantity:2  Symantec Backup Exec 2012 Essential Support renewal

Quantity:2  backup exec 2012 deduplication option essential support renewal

Quantity: 5 backup exec agent for windows essential support renewal

Quantity: 4 backup exec 2012 agent for applications and databases essential

I recently got the email from symantec with the attached express sales order which shows:

Quantity: 2 Backup Exec 2012 server win per server renewal essential 12 months express

Quantity: 2 backup exec 2012 option dedup win per server renewal essential 12 months express

Quantity: 4 backup exec 2012 agent for windows win per server renewal 12 months

Quantity: 4 agent for applications and databases win per server renewal essential 12 months express

The following are the questions I have:

 1. When purchased 5 windows agents and it shows on our order confo from CDW, but when I got the express document from symantec showing the sales order, it showed just 4?

 2. From what I got from symantec when I called was that my backup license was up to date and that I didn't need to upload the license file? I had a hard time understanding her so I may have mis heard what she meant, but since we just renewed all the back up licensing dont i have to update the license key files? I have not done anything within the back up exec console yet. If I do need to update the license key do I do it all within the central administation back up server? I just need help making sure all my license keys are up to date for symantec.

 3. The renewal for 4 backup exec applications and databases per server; is this for our linux servers? Do I have to update the license key on each agent that is installed on each server that is backed up?

The guy who has been doing all this is gone and this is my first time updating the license keys for back up exec.

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1) Once entered, the licence keys are permanent.  There is no need to enter any keys as and when you renew your licence.

2) The Agent for Applications and Databases licences are for you to backup applications like Exchange, SQL, Oracle, etc.  The Agent for Windows licence are for backing up files on Windows servers and remote devices.  For example, you have an Exchange Server, you would need an Agent for Applications and Databases licence to backup Exchange. The Agent for Applications and Databases licence comes with an Agent for Windows licence, so you can backup files on the Exchange server without any further licences. If your applications and databases are on Linux servers, then the Agent for Applications and Databases licences are for them.

3) There are 2 types of licence renewal, maintenance and support.  It would appear that what you bought from CDW are the support licences.  These allows you to call Symantec and get support.  The second set of licences appears to be maintenance licences.  These allow you to upgrade your BE software for no further charge.  You would need to call Symantec Licencing to confirm exactly what licences you have.  They would also be able to sort out the discrepancy between the number of AWS licences between the two set of licences.

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Hello valley_girl

About your first question.

If you purchased and paid 5 agent for windows essential support renewals and got a certificate with 4 its a cause for a claim at your supplier. They can say very fast why Symantec delivered only 4 licences because they have direct contact to the licensing department of symantec.

Probalbly there was a mistake in the purchsing process.

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