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Backup Exec locked drive and library go Offline

Created: 14 Jul 2014 • Updated: 16 Jul 2014 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi all.

I have such a problem. My tape library connected to BE server with 2 fc links through 2 HBA.

When the duplicate job was active - one (active) drive go offline (it's a hardware problem - I know) - so job failed.

When I refresh my device list, Media charger (ROBOT) and on of the drives are disappeared:


So from GUI (web-interface) of Tape Library the Drive is state - Media Removal - Prevented. So I can't release it.. (error - IR: drive media removal prevented by host - Code:  45 ).

So, the Library "think" that some software locked the drive. On other hand - software doesn't "see" this drive and robot at all :(

I don't have physical access to Tape library now (to turn off and on) - only Reboot from web-gui.

I want my Tape Library temporary work with one drive, but I don't see Media charger (robot)..

What should I do?

In what sequence turn off and on my Backup server and reboot tape library to release drive 2 and see Media charger over Operating System?

Operating Systems:

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Rebooting the library remotely will hopefully remove the lock state of the tape drive.  If not, a true power cycle may be required.

Then rebooting the BE server should hopefully get the robotic library visible again in Windows Device Manager.

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did you install a second LEO license for the second tape drive?

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Yes be sure you have the leo licence. And verufy that you have the laste drivers for your robotices drives.

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Reboot of the server (than twice restart all services and delete/add tape library) and tape library and changing master drive - that was a solution fo me.