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Backup Exec Logon Accounts

Created: 12 Mar 2014 • Updated: 01 Apr 2014 | 5 comments
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I am writing here so that I can understand the logon account.

1)  Are the logon accounts only used for credentials to use to access selection lists and backup jobs to access servers?

2) If my system logon account is a domain admin and can access all servers, can I have only one account (it would be used also as my Default login account)?

3) Do you need different accounts for other things like the Backup Exec IDR Wizard to work?

4) The IDR Wizard is related to the account which is used on running the backup exec services?

5) Do you have some best practices of Logon Accounts?


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Here's a video that you can refer to get answers to your questions on Logon Accounts associated to Backup Exec:

Also, you may refer to the following link to read more about it:

For the IDR part, you might want to refer to the following link:

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Hi there,

The BESA needs to be a member of the Domain Admins group by default. This is going to give that particular account access to any servers in the domain unless this is limited by Group Policy in AD.

The idea behind the BESA is to have only 1 account. Management is a lot easier...1 account, 1 password etc.

The BESA, once configued during a BE install (or afterwards if you are changing the BESA) will have access to everything within BE. 


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Thanks for your help.

So to make things clear: the accounts listed in the logon account are only used to connect to resources.

Problems with permissions to open the IDR Wizard are related to the account which is used for the backup exec services.



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You ideally should only have 1 account in the logon section. This is used to communicate with the remote agent on each remote server, run the BE services on the media server, and access any applications like Exchange and SQL.


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