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Backup Exec Lost Data

Created: 16 Feb 2013 | 6 comments
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I'm trying to figure this out, and i'm so upset/frustrated with backup exec i'm a bit beside myself.

We have a regular backup that backs up our ghost images tech data and wds folder. we recently rebuilt a virtual drive, and did a full backup and restore.

When we went to use our wds, we found that *none* of the wds data had been backed up, and all along hadn't been backed up.

I double checked the job, sure enough e:\wds\* is selected with no exceptions.

I checked the backups, all showing successful, open files turned on etc.

I checked the catalogs, and it's never backed up the wds images even though it shows as successful!

What the hell?? can someone shed some light on this, we have alot of work ahead of us to rebuild some of the images and deal with the fact that we'll never get back our other images that are irreplacable.

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As you have rebuilded the server please check for the job log and see if it was been backup properly or not on first place if you see that it was been backup properly then you need to go to backup set and look for data there.



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...the OP already mentioned that he checked both the logs and the job setup...

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1) I am not familiar with Ghost.  What is the file extension of the files kept in the WDS folder?  AFE will automatically exclude certain filetypes from backups.

2) Is the WDS folder under DSFR?  If so, then you got to backup the shadow copy component.  Files under DSFR does not get backed up when you do a normal select.  If you having been backing up the shadow copy component, you can do a re-directed restore and look for your "missing" files there.

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That hotfix IS installed.

The entire server wasn't rebuilt just the specific drive.

We did a full backup of the drive before we deleted the virtual disks and created the new ones.

Ghost isn't in play here, just WDS.

Basically backup exec skipped over all the wds images.

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It maybe that the wds images are deemed to be part of the system state and needs to be backed as part of the system state.  Try backing the system state and then do a re-directed restore of the system to see whether you can see the WDS images there.