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Backup Exec NDMP not performing FC direct backups

Created: 18 Oct 2011 | 3 comments
I need some help figuring out why Backup Exec is doing a three way NDMP backup instead of an FC direct backup. This is my situation:
I have a fiber channel switch. Connected to that switch is my tape drive (which is a Quantum i80 robotic library with 2 drives), the backup exec server and my NetApp. The NetApp has two heads, lets call them A and B.
The zoning on the FC switch has NetApp A in a zone with the BE server and the both tape drives. There's a second zone with NetApp B, the BE server and the two tape drives.
Under the devices tab in BE everything appears fine. The two drives are listed under the robotic library which is listed under the BE server. I have added the NetApps as NDMP storage so I see the robotic library/drives on the devices tab as well under the netapps.
With NetApp A, I get an FC direct backup with around 4000mb/sec. If I try to backup something from NetApp B, it appears to be sending the data over the network to NetApp A and then from NetApp A onto tape via fiber channel. To try and summarize:
NetApp A > FC direct to Tape
NetApp B > Network to NetApp A > NetApp A FC to Tape
I can't figure out why NetApp A would be able to go directly to tape but NetApp B sends the data to A first. This is killing performance and causing problems.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

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3 way backup scenario is not supported by backupexec

Please check link below

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I'm not trying to do a 3 way backup. I'm getting a kind of 3 way backup by accident.

From NetApp A I go direct to tape via the FC switch. This is what I want.

From NetApp B I don't go directly tape, instead it goes over the network to NetApp A and then from NetApp A it goes directly via FC to tape. I can't figure out why NetApp head B is not acting like head A.

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To correct the earlier post 3-way backup is supported as long as the data is not on a Windows server - i.e. Windows to Filer to Libary is not supported but Filer to Filer to Library is.

Now going back to the original posters problem.

We have seen a few things cauuse a 3-Way backup by accident when you have two Netapps using one library:

Scenario 1: The selections from both Netapps are in the same job. Job Starts on NetApp 1 going direct, and then when it reaches NetApp 2 as the tape is already mounted on NetApp 1 it starts a 3-way

Scenario 2: The Jobs start as Append and use the same media set. Job for NetApp 1 goes direct and finishes. Job for NetApp 2 starts and decides to append to the tape that NetApp 1 used, but as this tape was last mounted in NetApp 1, it starts a 3-way.

Solution to this is don't put the selection lists for 2 Netapps in one job and either start the jobs as Overwrites OR use different media sets for each job.