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Backup Exec New Implementation

Created: 14 Jan 2013 | 7 comments


We are looking to implement a new backup solution and I was wondering someone might be able to help me..

We have 2 sites.

  • Site 1 is the Data Center
  • Site 2 is where end users are

Data to be backed up will be

  • MS SQL (that will be the bulk of the data)
  • Exchange 2003
  • Netapp cifs

The requirements are

  • All data to be backed up will be in site 1
  • Backup data in site 1 using deduplication to iscsi (20TB storage)
  • Replicate all backups to site 2 (deduplication iscsi – 20TB storage)
  • Should either site go down in a DR situation, we need to be ready to go by having all data ready to be restored without having to mess around rebuilding a BE server.

From what I have gathered, looking at various bits of documentation, it would appear that the following set up would be the best solution for us.

  • Enterprise Server Option with 2 servers (one at  each site) with CASO
  • Each server will have local iscsi storage
  • We’ll run backups from site1 (dedupe)
  • Replicate backups to site 2 (dedupe)


  1. Would the above give us what we want to achieve at the best cost?
  2. I understand that if we use NDMP for nettap, we can only restore to a nettap device – Is this correct. If it is, backing up using NDMP is rather inconvenient since we have no guarantee that we’ll have a netapp to restore data to in a DR situation.
  3. To maximize the benefit of deduplication, we should use MS SQL itself to backup database, as opposed to 3rd party we have been using (lightspeed) or is it best to let BE manage database and tlog backups?
  4. 32 TB is the max storage we can have at each site per BE server?
  5. During verification, data gets rehydrated – Would this be for replication as well or is it just backups at site 1 that would get rehydrated
  6. The policy will probably be:
    1. First backup will be full
    2. Daily incrementals (Monday to Thursday)
    3. Weekly full
    4. Monthly full

Since we are looking at deduplication, am I right in assuming that we don’t really need to worry about expiring data and we can have infinite retention without impacting storage utilisation?

  1. Can servers/individual backups/files be selectively deleted from within BE if the data is no longer required to free up storage?
  2. Resuming after DR, we would like to be able to restore the backup environment (rebuild the missing backup exec server and data at which ever site. Is this easily achievable?
  3. What is the best location for the CASO server and why?
  4. I understand that dedupe volume cannot be easily extended. Does that mean that I would have to purchase additional license and add 1 server on each site to give me another 32 TB ... and so on for each 32TB of storage per site?

Many thanks.

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1. CASO would allow you to replicate between the sites, but I don't think 2 CASOs is going to work since 1 of them has to be an MMS...I have good experience with CASO, but in a single instance with 32 servers hanging off it. I suspect someone from Symantec needs to help with this point.

2. That is correct...

3. I would use the BE agent which works pretty well. You simply have 1 product to backup and restore across the board. Litespeed wouldn't be able to backup to your BE dedupe folder for instance.

4. How much data are you backing up? 32TB is a lot of disk space for dedupe purposes, not forgetting your savings you get every time you run your backups.

5. I am not aware of data being rehydrated during verification, although Symantec recommend running a Verify job after the dedupe backup completes. Duplicating to a dedupe store doesn't rehydrate data where it would if you duplicated to a B2D or tape.

6. Seems good, just make sure your retention periods are correct.

7. No...let BE handle this. It has the lifecycle management feature built in and this expires/deletes the data once it is no longer needed. Don't go deleting data manually from within BE or you risk corruption and data loss. There is enough around this on the forums...

8. Shouldn't be a hassle. If you have a VM environment it is easier. You would catalog the information if need-be on the second site, restore the VM to your hypervisor, and then the data, assuming a VM environment. If physical, bring up a server with the same name/IP etc, and restore what you have backed up.

9. I placed our CASO in the data center as it was where all the sites hung off. I haven't seen anything in the documentation around where it is best to place it, but that is where I installed mine.

10. Unknown...

I have also hit the support flag. This is quite a setup and hopefully someone from Symantec picks up on this...


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4. No. Even with dedup you still have to expire data, otherwise the unique data blocks will be kept forever and  your disk will eventually get full.

5. When you duplicate from one dedup folder to another dedup folder, this is called optimised duplication and only the dedup'ed data get sent from one dedup folder to the other.

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GraigV, PKH, thank you for the great bit of info – This is very helpful. So…

  1. 1 CASO on site 1 – 1 MMS on site 2 is what I need?
  1. SQL Backups: If I use the BE agent to backup SQL tlogs and databases, can a restore be done to alternate location or does it have to be a restore to source & overwrite?
  1. If John Doe leaves the company and we don’t need his backups, can we selectively remove his home drive backups for instance? I understand that this would have to be carried out from within BE console – Does BE offer this functionality? Likewise, if a server is decommissioned, and we decide that backups aren’t needed anymore, can we remove all backups pertaining to that server – again, from BE?
  1. Following DR, to rebuild BE so we have again 1 BE at each site…
    1. To rebuild missing backup solution at site 1 or 2, all I need to do is rebuild the server (physical or virtual) with same name and ip, restore db… and then will be able to rebuild backups to local iscsi from working site?
    2. The rebuild process will be possible regardless of whether the BE server to be rebuild is CASO or MMS
  1. From a licence point of view, with our scenario in mind (1 CASO, 1 MMS, Dedupe to san, Replication), would someone be able to confirm if all I need from a server licence point of view is 1 Enterprise Server Option (for CASO) and 1 BE Server  (for MMS)



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7 - You can never selectively remove backed up data from within a backup set (this is true for most backup products although not true if the backup product is actually a form of replication where the files end up visible in their origional state in the backup storage location.)

If John Doe's home folder is removed from the file server then it will reside in your backup target device until such time as the backup set that last protected his data reaches it's overwrite protection and then expires. At that point:

- if held in DeDup the records that allow you to re-assembled his files are removed and if no other data depends on the data 'chunks' then a form of grooming will also remove those 'chunks' from the deduplication store

- if held in disk storage then DLM will remove the backup set

- if held on tape than the next overwrite job to use the tape will remove it.

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Thanks Colin.

Actually, since you're here, I have a question (I'm happy to post a new topic).

We are about to evaluate be 2012/build our new backup environment and I was wondering if you know when we'll be able to setup BE 2012 on windows 2012. I understand that right now BE 2012 is not supported on win 2012 but it seems a shame to setup a 2008 server now when support on 2012 might be just around the corner.


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Would anyone have the answer to this please. I really need to know for costing and I am having a real hard time finding the answer.

From a licence point of view, with our scenario in mind (I believe I need 1 CASO and 1 MMS, Dedupe to san, Replication), would someone be able to confirm if all I need from a server licence point of view is 1 Enterprise Server Option (for CASO) and 1 BE Server (for MMS).


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If you don't get all your answers here, you will from the Symantec Licensing department.

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