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Created: 29 Apr 2013 | 3 comments

Hi, running 11D 7170 on Wind2k3 server.

I have reached the end of my rop on this one.  This is the millionth time I have to recreate backup jobs.  Jobs run fine for a long time, I have them ALL set to OVERWRITE the old jobs after so many weeks, then suddenly they start the "NOT APPENDABLE MEDIA FULL" stuff for no reason and my backups all fail.

I backup to external hard drives, not tapes, but swap the HD's like tapes in a rotation.

I have chaged setting in options etc etc, it all starts again.

Is there a solution for this?



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Have you tried to shorten the Append/OPP settings? Could be that the *.bkf files on the drives are not overwritable as they are still write-protected.


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You can set the media set properties , Append Period to infinite allow append and Overwrite protection to x days so that after those many days the bkfs can be re-used. Need to setup OPP in such a way that the HDD does not run out of space. Also from Tools -> Options -> Media Management select overwrite recyclable media first and then scratch media. Also ensure the alerts are set to respoond with Yes (in BEutiliy.exe , present in BE Install Path click on edit configuration and select Yes)

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As 11D did not really handle unplugging USB drives very well  (in fact it did not really support the unplug officially at all.) it is possible that you may need to run an inventory of the device and then check the overwrite protection status of the media on the disk each time you re-connect a USB disk.

If the media remains in an Overwrite protected status, or is marked as offline or has been moved to an imported media set then this may be part of your issue.

If you are not using USB but RDX style removable disks then I think we may also have had issues with those types of devcies back with 11D as well and you may need to upgrade to a newer version of Backup Exec for any fixes.