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Backup Exec Project Design

Created: 11 Jan 2011 • Updated: 15 Jan 2014 | 2 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


I have a Backup Exec project somehow I lost and I need your help till know I don’t know what I have to use Backup Exec 12.5 or Backup Exec 2010

Please see below

Old Design

One backup Exec Media Server (BE12.5 SP2) is installed in HP server DL380 G3 with Tape Magazine ML6000 (Two tape inside)

New Design

Now the Customer purchased a new server he wants to move Media Server (BE12.5 SP2) to new server with a new Tape magazine (HP Dl380 G6 as BE12.5 or BE2010 and HP ML4048FC (LTo41840FC))

Later on he wants to move the old tape magazine to be work in the New Backup Exe Media Server with the New Tape Magazine Also and retrieve all jobs, logs and policy

I have some point for this project

-          How I can implement this project

-          What I have to use (BE12.5 or BE2010)

-          Shell I need to Upgrade for Backup Exec 2010

-          Is Backup Exec 12.5 Support the New Tape (MSL4048FC,LTO 4 1840FC)

-          How to retrieve the old jobs, logs and policy

-          License Issue

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First check the Hardware compatibility for BE12.5 and BE2010.


BE2010 R2

If you want to backup Win 2008 R2 or Exchange 2010 go for BE2010R2.

EDIT: For migration refer to

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Hi there,

Best bet is to move onto BE 2010 R2 as it has support for applications like Exchange 2010!

I know that the HP StorageWorks MSL4048 will be on the HCL for BE 2010 R2...we use the 1 just below, and I have looked enough times at the HCL to know it is in there.

With the new library being LTO4, it is backwards compatible to read LTO3 and LTO2 media, so there would be no need to connect the old MSL6000 to your new backup server at all.

Some thoughts:

1. If you want to maintain your job logs and database, then I would suggest upgrading your old server to BE 2010 R2, which you can do directly from BE 12.5. ALWAYS grab a copy of your Catalogs and Data folders. Once done, it is much easier to move your details to your new server, which you can run alongside your old server. Your temporary upgrade can be just that need to enter in your licenses. You can run it as a 60-day trial, which you won't get close to anyways. Read the TN below on how to do this:

2. For licensing, contact the Symantec licensing department...they will help you organise the upgrade keys. These can then be added in to your new server before the 60-day trial expires. the link below takes you to the contact details:

Just remember that when you install your new server with BE 2010 R2, you need to enable the agents you will use. You have 60 days to license them properly, which will be more than enough.


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