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Backup exec questions

Created: 17 Jan 2013 • Updated: 23 Jan 2013 | 6 comments
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We want to use Symantec backup Exec 2012 for our back-ups. We will back-up to a NAS attached via iSCSI to one of our servers, then the NAS will upload the daily changes to an offsite NAS over the internet.

The first question is about .bkf files: Suppose we create an incremental back-up from 3 servers daily, this will generate .bkf files. We will then back-up the files on the NAS to the offsite NAS (block level?). Will there be any problem reading the .bkf files after they've been incrementally backed up to the offsite NAS?

Another question is about a back-up schedule, to create incremental back-ups each day, we'd first need to perform a initial full backup. Is this the only full back-up we need to run? So if we want a plan that allows us to restore files from a 6 month old back-up, we'd create a full back-up first, then incrementals daily and keep those for 6 months?

Thanks alot in advance,


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Not sure about backing up between the NAS's using their built-in software, but a recommendation from Symantec is to rather duplicate backup data.

In this case, you'd simplky add in a stage to duplicate your day's backups to the remote NAS. This would ensure that BE keeps proper sync of catalogs.

It is also recommended to do at least a weekly FULL backup. This is going to ensure you have current data from which to launch subsequent INCR backups. Something else to consider is adding in Weekly/Monthly backups to retain data for longer if required.


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Hello CraigV,

Thank you for the quick response!

To add the dupicate task to the remote NAS in BE, I need to add it via iSCSI? is this possible over WAN?

Also, I've found this document

This explains that backing up .BKF files will result in inability to restore backups.

If the two NAS deviced sync (file level, not block level) this problem won't arise, right? I'm getting kind of confused right now.

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            In this situation you would not be backing up the BKF rather replicating them to the synced device and should not present an issue. I would very much agree with Craig in that your backup plan should absolutely include much more frequent full backup jobs. As mentioned best practice is to run your full backup job once a week with the daily incremental jobs running between. Remember that the incremental backup jobs are dependant on the full so if you have to restore an incremental you have to restore the full backup as well as all other incrementatls prior to the date of the incremental that youre trying to restore. 

I hope this posting was helpful


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...iSCSI would be fine, but how long it takes to duplicate depends on the speed of your line. The FULL backup would take the longest, hence doing this backup over a weekend.


EDIT: Just to add:

1. A duplicate job is basically a "copy" of your data from 1 device BE knows of to another device it knows of. It allows BE to keep track of what is available, allowing restores etc.

2. Doing a NAS-to-NAS replication might lead to BE not being aware of the replication at all, meaning your data on the other side is basically corrupt. I suppose you can always try this, but you want it to be working right from the start.

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You should not replicate your backups.  This is equivalent to copying them and it is not recommended.  See this document.

Reasons why copying backup to disk data files is NOT recommended.

You should always duplicate your backup sets.