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Backup Exec Removable Drive

Created: 20 Jan 2014 | 6 comments
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I am running Backup Exec 2010 R3 and I'm using USB drives. I have a Removable Backup-to-disk Folder setup for the USB drives. However when the backup user changes swap drives occasionally the device will go offline. I need it to stop going offline, is there some way of forcing it to automaticaly go back online?

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Its expected behavior for the drive to go offline when it is getting swapped. One automated way would be to run a scheduled task to restart all BE services before the backup starts.


Have a look @ the last section of this post by a TA -

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It's strange then that it doesn't do it all the time, just occassionally. I will setup a scheduled inventory task and see if that works.

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USB disks (assuming they show up in Windows Explorer as fixed disks and are not defined as removable by the operating system) should be configured as a standard B2D. The removable B2D option is specifically for disks that report to the operating system as removable (which usually means cartridge based media such as RDX technology or some USB flash/pen drives)

USB disk if configured as Standard B2D, should go offline when removed but then report as online again a short time after they are re-inserted

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Ok I'll try that, still curious why it doesn't happen all the time. The reason I didn't do standard backup to disk folders originally is because the drives change and I was told a long time ago on this forum actually, to use removable folders for usb drives that are swapped.

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After changing the device to a standard backup to disk folder it still goes offline occassionally after changing the drive. I am seeing "Event ID 56 - Driver USBSTOR returned invalid ID for a child device (00000000011E0A49&0)." which could causing this but I'm not sure what this error is.

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Check that your disks do not have the same diskids.  If they do, change them to unique ones using the procedure in my blog below.