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Backup Exec requesting License Key for Backup Agent

Created: 10 Oct 2011 • Updated: 17 Jan 2013 | 12 comments
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I have an issue as it pertains to the license key. When the software was purchsed, I recieved the  License keys for the Server and Agents. The licensing period is from May 2010-May 2011. The software was activated in August 2011 .It has been running fine since then but today I am getting an error saying

"Before you can back up this resource, you must purchase and install a license key for the appropriate Backup Exec agent. See Job Log for details."

This is the first time I am seeing this. When installing the Remote agent on the agent pcs, it does not request the license key only the IP Address of the Server. 

1. Do I input the license key on the agent during the installation of the server? (Put both license key when it requests it)


2. Is there an option when installing the remote agent to input the license key for the software? If so how do I access it?

When going to the About option, I am seeing that everything that is installed on the software is licensed.

Please Assist

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License keys for the server, agents & options can only be installed on the BE media server.

Thess KBs might be helpful :

Also, do you have enough RAWS licenses added on to the BE server for backing up remote Windows systems ?

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You would need a RAWS licence to backup a remote device or machine, even if you are just backing up a share on that device/machine.

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The license key is to be installed only on the Media Server [where backup exec is installed].

The License is to be installed from : Tools > Install License and Options ..

On the remote server, you install only the Remote Agent.

The dlls for the licenced agent gets activated once you install the licence on the Media Server.

If this is the first time you are getting this error, do the following : 

  1. Open Tools > Install License and Options .. and take a screenshot of all the licenses with the serial numbers.
  2. Delete all the licenses from there and click Next.
  3. Click Next for the summary page and click Install.
  4. This will uninstall all the licenses you have installed previously.
  5. Close Backup Exec and reopen it.
  6. Launch the same by Tools > Install License and Options
  7. Install the core license for Backup Exec. Install all the other licenses too.
  8. The above step may require the installation media, the DVD or the downloaded ISO of the product.

The backups must run fine after this. Consider calling the licensing team to ensure your licenses are still valid.

good luck.

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The number to contact the licensing team : 1-800-327-2232

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CraigV's picture'd get that error if:

1. You had a trial license for an application agent like SQL and that trial license expired. If you continued backing up that application, that message occurs.

2. I've seen this sometimes when BE randomly decides you need the ADRA as well in order to be better integrated into Exchange.

3. You're trying to back up something you don't have a license for...

Check your job log and see where the backup is failing. Once done, open up the selection list and verify whether or not the selection actually exists, and if you have a license for it. If you don't, either remove the selection or add the license.

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Remember to restart the BE services after license installation...


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I have come to the decision that the license keys were not sufficient to cover the amount of pcs that needs to be backed up.

My new question is how do you know which keys are assigned to which pcs so I will be able to continue backing them up. I have 11 Laptops, 1 Main Media Server and 1 Exchange server. The Agent license key that I got only supports 2 pcs. Do I need to purchse license keys for the Desktop & Laptop option or Can I purchase SYMANTEC BACKUP EXEC 2010 AGENT FOR WINDOWS SYSTEMS BNDL for the number of PCs BEING USED taking into consideration I am not Using the Desktop and Laptop option, only the Remote Agent?

I have installed remote agent on every laptop and server being used to pull data from. 

Apart from the Remote agent, is it compulsory to use the Desktop and Laptop option for the Laptops even though I have never used it?

The reason I am asking is because;

1. I do not want to buy the incorrect thing

2. I do not want to spend unecessarily

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You would need a full BE licence for your media server and an Exchange licence for your Exchange server.  The Exchange agent licences comes with a RAWS licence so your Exchange server is fully covered.

For your laptops, you can either go for RAWS or DLO licences.  DLO only backs up user data, like My Document, etc.  It cannot be used to recover the machines because it cannot backup the system state and other system componnents.  If you decide to go for DLO, remember that the BE licence comes with 5 DLO licences.

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the onkar....I tried your method but I am not bale to select next after removing the license keys. I believe I have been been able to run backups all this time because it was being done on the trial period. Because the error msg specifically speaks to the Backup Exec Agents, and I am running arond 14 remote agents and only have a license key that supports 2 pcs, that may be where my problem lies. I am guessing the license key or keys the company will purchase will have coverage for up to 15 Remote Agents or so.

If this does not resolve my issue I am doomed......sad

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Hey PKH,

That is what was given to us upon the purchase of the Symantec Backup Server. This I believe is still Valid. This was valid from May 2010-May 2011. It was actiated in August of this year. When I spoke with a customer rep she told me that the license is still valid, however I would not be eligible for suppport. Seeing that I have been using the RAWS wouldnt it be easier to get a license to provide support for up to 14 pcs seeing that 11 are laptops? 
Based on wha you are saying I would get a seperate license key for the Exchange Server.
And to be honest the DLO sounds better because the truth of the matter is I am really only backing up the My Documents Folder.
I also an additional server (File/Main Server) that important information is stored which needs to be backed up. I also have the Remote agent on that as well.
What do you recommend?
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To backup Exchange, you need to purchase the Exchange agent licence, regardless of whether Exchange is installed on the media server or on a remote server.

To backup the other file server, you would need a RAWS licence.

As you have pointed out earlier, the DLO licence is cheaper and you already have 5 DLO licence bundled with your BE licence.