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Backup Exec Slot Priority

Created: 04 Mar 2014 | 2 comments

     My company does daily backups and swaps tapes out daily (on Monday night, we only have Monday tapes loaded).  Once the tapes are used we send them offsite using a tape pickup/storage/delivery service, and to do that the tapes have to be labeled with barcoded labels.  We use multiple libraries for multiple servers that we host.  I have recently been asked to fill the empty slots of the libraries with blank spare tapes in the event that there is more data than the daily rotation tapes are able to hold.  The first day was a disaster when only the spare tapes were used.  I thought I had it fixed when I discovered Settings>Storage>Media overwrite options>Overwrite recyclable media contained in the targeted media set before over writing scratch media.

     I had forgotten to take into account that every month, we remove the month end tapes from the rotation and put new tapes into the rotation, thereby making the rotation tapes also seen as scratch tapes, and then BE starts using a mix of rotation and spare tapes.  I've read many other posts that say to use partitions, but I don’t think that would work in this case because I still want the job to be able to pull from the spares if needed, which is why they are there in the first place.  Is there any way I can control which library slots have priority in Backup Exec without using partitions?

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with this setting Backup Exec will use the recycleable tape that is the oldest.  Otherwise, to control what specific slot that will be used you will need to use partitions. 

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See this document on how BE looks for overwritable tapes.

By right, with your setting, the job should use recyclable media in the targeted media set before using scratch.  Without a lot of poking around in your environment, it is very difficult for anybody on this forum to be able to answer why your jobs is using a mixture of scratch and recyclable tapes.

Using partitions will not help you.  If the scratch tapes are in a partition other than the targeted partition, then BE will not be able to use them.  If they are in the targeted partition, then you are back to square 1.

If your jobs overlap, i.e., one starts before another ends, then try to start them sequentially and see whether this makes a difference.

BTW, you have tagged your OS as Win 7.  Note that BE 2012 does not support Win 7 as a media server.  You either use WinXP or Server 2003 and up.  See the SCL below