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Backup Exec Small Business Edition - Restoring to a VM from a physical backup

Created: 12 May 2014 • Updated: 13 May 2014 | 9 comments
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Hi Guys,

Possibly a bit of a silly question here but I need a definitive answer and I'm hoping one of you wonderful people can help me.

I need to know if it's possible to restore a backup made from a physical server on to a VMware Virtual Machine with Backup Exec 2012 Small Business Edition.

Looking at the datasheets and Portfolio comparision guides seems to suggest that this should be possible, however, the sales rep for my reseller suggests that I'll need the full version with a Backup exec agent for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Obviously this is a signifantly higher cost and I don't want to pay for anything I won't need as I only have 1 Windows 2008 Standard server with Exchange 2010 to back up.

Many thanks in advance.

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no, the Agent for VMware and Hyper-V is not required for conversion to virtual machines but the Agent for Windows needs to be installed on the Hyper-V host where the conversion is sent 

Take a look at Jaydeeps blog

hope this helps

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Hi Imosla,

Thanks for the reply and link, good to know I can do a simultanious conversion.

I know that Hyper-V VM's are supported in the Small Business Edition.

If I don't need the agent for conversion, does that mean I can convert a physical box to a VM for a VMWare host with the Small Business Edition?

Or will I only be able to convert my physical box to a Hyper-V VM?

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You can convert any physical box to a VM provided you can back it up. With the SB edition, you can only add 2 AWS licenses which means that at most you can convert at most 2 more physical boxes

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Ace, thanks pkh.

That's all I need, we don't have many windows servers so I only need to back up my exchange server.

So I'll have 1 license for the BE server, 1 for the apps and databases agent and I'm guessing I'll need the additional 1 for conversion to VM?

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I hope you are not converting a Backup Exec media server, as if you are, there are limitations on accessing backup storage devices such as Tape and USB disk connected via pass-through and the Backup Exec media server must remain as a physical server if you intend backing up to these types of devices.

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Hi Colin,

As a bit of background have 1 physical Exchange 2010 server (windows 2k8 std) that I want to back up to a USB disk and convert to a VMware VM for disaster recovery in case of a hardware failure.

I don't have any physical servers available to restore to in that scenario so will need it restoring to a VM.

I'd also like to be able to use GRT to restore individual mail from the backup.

I was hoping to install BE on a VM with Windows 2k8 std, from what you're saying I'm guessing I won't be able to do this?

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You should be able to convert the Exchange server. However virrtualizing the media server and then trying to use external USB will put you into an alternative (read as not officially supported) configuration.

It will probably work if you leave the USB disk always connected BUT may have issues if you detach the USB drive and swap it for a different drive and will definitely have issues if you have VMware HA configured allowing the virtual server to move between hosts

We do not test the scenario so can't really confirm what symptoms you might experience

I would also expect a USB attached RDX chassis to have problems with passthorugh into a VM so again not officially supported and you may get unpredictable results

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Going back to something related to the original question (hence this is deliberately a separate post)

Your original query about licensing needs and lmosla's correct answer about Backup Exec licenses did makes us think about the possibility of requiring VMware licenses and as such we started an internal discussion.

The convert to VMware process does use the vStorage Backup API from VMware and to enable this ability, VMware itself cannot be the  free edition and you may therefore need to confirm you have the correct licensing on the VMware side

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Ok, Thanks guys for all of your help, I'll just have to try and locate a physical server for BE.

In terms of the VMWare licensing, we have the full blown product running on a blade cluster so I imagine the API's are included, but I will check before buying

Thanks again for all of your prompt responses, especially Colin, you've been a great help.